Stuff I Wrote: October 2017

Happy November! I’m putting together this content roundup from beautiful Portland, Oregon, where I’ve been enjoying the fall colors and the rain. As always, I’ve been working on a lot of projects that I can’t post about yet, usually because they’re either ghostwritten or not completed. That said, here are a few things I’ve been working on.

  • Big Ass Data Broker Opt-Out List is a quick guide I put together for a cryptoparty in Phoenix, meant to assist people in getting their home addresses and phone numbers off of the web. To make it easier, I characterized opt-out methods with emoji. ☠ 🎫 📞 📠 📫 💰 To find a cryptoparty near you, check out
  • The new season of Mr. Robot is in full swing, and I’ve been discussing the hacks with a group of amazing people. Our chat has moved from Forbes to Motherboard, which is really exciting for fans of the fabulous site, as well as people who object to ad blocker blockers or bad interfaces. Check out our discussions of the premier, Powers Saver Mode, Episode 2: Undo, or Episode 3: Legacy.
  • My biggest news for this month is that I have a fantastic new podcast cohost, Trevor Hultner. This also means that you can download our podcast on Apple Podcasts in addition to either of our Soundcloud accounts. I did attach three episodes below, on the birth control mandate rollback, executive order changes to military recall procedures, and warrantless surveillance. Enjoy!

Stuff I Wrote: September 2017

Why You Should Get a Job in Blockchain (Dice Insights)

Hunting (Software) Bugs For Fun and Profit (Dice Insights)

Under Siege: How To Protect Your Digital Privacy (Consumers Digest, but this is the archived version because they owe a lot of writers a lot of money)

What Closing the Loop of Health Data Means (Built to Adapt/Medium)

Stuff I Wrote: August 2017

It’s been a big month for posts! I interviewed one of my favorite comic artists, Evan Dorkin, who I first interviewed for a zine back in high school. My article on food deserts, which I’ve been working on for some time, finally went live. And, of course,  it’s always a good month when I get to write for The Intercept. Check out those pieces and a few links below.

  • Cartoonist in Hell (Folks) Drawing comics for a living isn’t all fun and games, says Evan Dorkin. Especially when you’re living with chronic pain.
  • No Pain, No Gain (Folks) Fitness instructor Leslie Nava teaches at a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym to spite the rare disease which runs in her family… and to inspire her son, who was born with it.

Stuff I Wrote: July 2017

Happy August! If you’re like me, you spent most of July out of town. I was traipsing around Minnesota visiting family and friends, spending time on the lake and eating Juicy Lucies. I’d barely had time for my head to land on my own pillow before I headed out to Las Vegas for Def Con, the quintessential hacking conference that left me with dozens of ideas buzzing around my head.Still, I managed to publish two articles and a blog post in July. Unfortunately, both articles are paywalled. I would recommend subscribing to the Performance Menu for thirty bucks a year for access to health and fitness information (with a heavy dose of weightlifting). The other article is supposed to be available publicly soon, and I’ll update this post with corrections to the errors published. Last but not least is a heartwarming podcast (or as heartwarming as can be expected in our political climate) about the uphill battle for public data.

Instead of just listing blog posts each month, I’ve been bouncing around ideas to make this blog more interesting and relevant to you. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to implement, but I appreciate you sticking around, and I hope you enjoy this month’s fare.

Under Siege: How To Protect Your Digital Privacy (Consumers Digest) I spent weeks on this post, which was meant to be an overview of digital privacy and security concerns and ways to mitigate them. Sadly, I was never given the opportunity to view the final copy before it was published (despite multiple requests). As expected, the published version was riddled with editor-introduced errors. Because this piece is still paywalled (though I was told it would be public today), I’ll have to wait to describe the errors that were not corrected. (I was informed that only a few were forwarded on to the managing editor.) Other reporters tried to warn me about writing for this publication, but I’d signed a contract before hearing all of the horror stories. In case you’re wondering, I would definitely echo their sentiments. (Oh, and I still haven’t gotten paid for this.)

How To Make Your Gym Accessible To Everyone (Rather Than Just Your Rock Star Athletes) (Performance Menu) Unless you’re running a small, elite club for a few select athletes you hope to hone into Olympians or world champions, you could probably use some more business in your gym—or you could at least stand to keep the business you have. One of the best ways to do this is to target not just super athletes, but regular everyday joes. There are far more normies than there are star athletes, after all. This post gives suggestions on making your gym friendly and accessible to the common folk. (Yes, it’s paywalled.)

Independent journalist Tony Webster talks about the fight for public records in Minnesota after the City Council in Duluth recently tried to raise costs.

Stuff I Wrote: June 2017

Since it’s a million degrees in Phoenix, I try to do most of my traveling in the summer. I was lucky enough to escape to Chicago for work and play, and shortly after heading home, I got to attend the Investigative Reporters and Editors conference right here in Phoenix. Here are four articles I managed to write amidst the whirlwind, as well as two podcast episodes from June.

Hacking Is The Least Ridiculous Part of ‘House of Cards,’ Somehow (Motherboard) Amber alert hacking, polyglots, and switching centers.

That One-Leg Monster (Folks) How K.C. Mitchell, a combat-wounded Army veteran, became the strongest amputee powerlifter in the world.

5 Steps For Dealing With Joint Pain And Inflammation (Performance Menu) It’s paywalled, so subscribe already!

Finding Work After Being Fired (Without Lying About It) (Dice Insights)

Stuff I Wrote: May 2017

Time Management Tips For Job Seekers (Dice) It’s easy to get burned out and discouraged while hunting for a new job. That said, you can have a productive and fruitful job search by following some guidelines.

Now You Can Pay People to Ferry Packages While They’re Traveling (Motherboard) You can also get paid to deliver random items—though most of them are abroad.

Unpopular Opinion: Yes, You Should Sometimes Get in Shape Before Training For a Sport (Performance Menu, paywalled)

Stuff I Wrote: April 2017

Last month I promised a backlog of articles, but a few are still in purgatory. That said, here are five posts, one video, and one podcast for your perusal.

What To Do When People Take Credit For Your Work (Dice Insights) That feeling of satisfaction after a job well done can easily fizzle when a co-worker or boss takes credit for your ideas.

Book Review: Wired to Eat (Performance Menu, paywall) If you liked the Paleo Solution, check out my review of Robb Wolf’s newest book.

Can The Cloud Save Retail? (Medium/Built to Adapt) Well, can it?

The Ultimate Fighter 25 Episode 1: Garbrandt and Dillashaw; Too Much Drama? (The Sports Post)

The Ultimate Fighter 25 Episode 2: Faber Joins the Bickering; Gordon/Gallicchio Face Off (The Sports Post)

VIDEO: Beyond the Fast Track Model of Fitness with OPEX founder James FitzGerald. Find it by downloading ZubiaLive (free) and searching in the fitness section.

PODCAST: Newsrooms Unite To Cover White House Financial Disclosures. Interview with Derek Kravitz, research editor at ProPublica.

Stuff I Wrote: March 2017

Can you believe it’s April already? March is my favorite month because of the signaling of spring, and it’s my birthday month. After a few months of visiting places, I just started training at a fabulous Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym in Mesa, which I’m so excited about, so this March was definitely a great one for me. I also spoke at my favorite arcade bar, Bonus Round, for Nerd Nite 29. Many thanks to those of you who came out to grab a cocktail and hear me speak about logical fallacies, alongside the amazing Kevin Flanagan and resident rhetorician Kathleen S. Lamp. I had an absolute blast and I’m so excited that Ty invited me. No speaking appearances this month, but I will be on a live video broadcast on Zubia, interviewing one of my favorite health and fitness experts. Details on that forthcoming.

I wrote four posts that were published in March. There will be many more in April, as a lot of my work this month is still going through the editing/revision process. We also have at least one great podcast planned for April, so tune in to KJZZ’s “The Show” on Monday morning, or listen on their website or on SoundCloud.

Meanwhile, here’s this month’s roundup:

My VPN post for Ars Technica, which is from June 2016 so pretty old for tech reporting, was quoted extensively this month, everywhere from The Verge to Motherboard. I’ll be writing more about personal privacy in the coming months.

That’s it for now! Expect a larger batch in April.


Stuff I Wrote: February 2017

February was a busy month for me, but I don’t have a lot of posts to share. Mostly I worked behind the scenes doing some editing and writing e-books, lead magnets, white papers, and podcast scripts for a number of clients. That said, I do have three articles and three podcast episodes to share with you!

This Music App Wants To Improve Your Hearing (Motherboard)

Earlogic’s TSC Music app uses “threshold sound conditioning” to improve your hearing capacity. (Or so they claim: I’m not entirely sure since they wouldn’t share the research study they promoted with the media.)

Swipe Right For Innovation (Medium/Built to Adapt)

For Valentine’s Day, I interviewed former Tinder CTO Ryan Ogle. Check out our Q&A.

How To Find The Right Massage Therapist (Performance Menu) (paywall)

There’s nothing like a good massage to help alleviate pain, prevent injuries, or just find a rare moment of Zen while lying on a table and remembering how to breathe. That said, a massage is only as good as the person giving it, and it’s always a bummer to put time and money into a crappy experience. If you’re about to make a first appointment, or are considering switching to a different massage therapist, these tips may help.

Enjoy, and I’ll catch you in March!

Stuff I Wrote: January 2017

Happy February! Here’s a collection of stuff I wrote in January about hacking, porn, passwords, phishing, volunteering, spam calls, resolutions, and more.

I’m also including links to four podcasts covering Friday news dumps ranging from election hacking to Trump’s Muslim travel ban.

Hacker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: The Future Is Cyberwar (Vocativ) We’ve seen data theft, energy grid hacks, and Stuxnet, but not open cyberwar — yet.

Porn Sites Should Be Using This Basic Security Feature (Motherboard) Your network traffic may actually implicate you in activity in that regime that is considered outright illegal.

2016’s Worst Passwords Are Just As Bad As 2015’s (Forbes) So please tell me yours is not on the list.

What To Do When You’ve Been Phished (Forbes) Clicked on a dodgy link and entered your password? Here’s what to do next.

How Tech Pros Can Volunteer In Fun Ways (Dice) Use your tech skills for good!

How To Stop Telemarketers And Robocalls Dead In Their Tracks (Motherboard) Burner, the mobile app that lets users create temporary phone numbers, is now working with Nomorobo to block spam phone calls.

Austrian Hotel To Replace Smart Locks With Normal Locks After Ransomware Attack  (Forbes) It also paid the ransom, which is not the recommended course of action!

Privacy and Security Stuff You Should Read: 1/31/2017 (Forbes) Russia’s arrest of top cybersecurity figures, what full-blown cyberwar would look like, security tips for anonymous Twitter account users, and more.

Now You Can Beef Up Your Security For Facebook (Forbes) Facebook has improved login security for its 1.8 million users by integrating the FIDO u2F Security Key into its platform.

Beyond Resolutions: 7 Things To Try In 2017 (Performance Menu) This one’s paywalled, but consider subscribing, especially if you’re into Olympic lifting!

This Is Why We Love Joe Lauzon (The Sports Post) There are plenty of reasons; honesty is just another one.