I have worked with Yael Grauer on a number of projects over the past 6 years and have benefitted greatly from the collaboration. She brings tenacity, intelligence and a phenomenal work ethic to her endeavors.

Robb Wolf, New York Times best selling author of the Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet.

Yael’s written several articles for our food magazine, Spezzatino. Her voice is clear and accessible, yet she’s able to intelligently capture a variety of complex issues — in fact, with astonishing breadth. She’s fearless about seeking out new material and extracting interesting content from interviews.

Krista Scott-Dixon, Editor, Spezzatino

Working with Yael’s always been a delight, thanks to her enthusiasm for writing. She’s always seeking to learn more and better herself.

Jimmy Boegle, Editor-in-Chief, Tucson Weekly

Yael is a wonderful addition to our writing staff. She is always ready and willing to tackle any topic we throw at her and her enthusiasm for being apart of our publication has been awesome. Well-versed and eager to research topics, and of course conveying the best message by putting pen to paper, she adds a quality to the magazine that we didn’t have before she came along.

Arwen Rasmussen, Editor/Publisher, Second Opinion Magazine

Yael Grauer has helped me out several times over the years with her writing style. I had a blog on my website that I started after retiring from the Navy SEAL teams that wasn’t getting much traffic until she got involved and started writing thought provoking articles. My web visits from that point on for several years continued to grow. Yael later conducted an excellent interview of myself and another martial arts expert on the phone in a three way call. She later transcribed this interview which is still an online hit in many circles. I’ve recently authored a book and Yael wrote an outstanding review that I use to promote the book. I highly recommend Yael in any aspect of writing, copywriting, proofreading and editing.

Michael Jaco, author of “The Intuitive Warrior”

For any type of project involving written communication, Yael is the total package. As a writer, she is as talented as anyone I’ve encountered professionally or academically. She has an amazing range of knowledge and interests, and this enables her to adapt her writing to almost any topic without losing its quality or unique voice. Her writing is always informative, entertaining and highly readable. As an editor, she is meticulous in her efforts to craft the most effective and error free prose possible. There’s a great value in someone who is equally adept at the creative process of writing and the editorial process that accompanies it. At the same time, it is very rare for a person to have a high level of competency in both areas. Yael is one of these people, and her ability to simultaneously leverage her writing and editorial skills makes her the perfect choice for any type of project.

Jim Murphy, Editor, Savage Science

Yael has consistently provided us with high quality articles whenever we’ve needed them, producing exactly what we were looking for in terms of both content and tone without excessive guidance or discussion.

Greg Everett, Editor, Performance Menu

Yael Grauer did the primary editing for my first novel and discovered mistakes in format and grammar I had overlooked a dozen times. She is efficient, quick, and affordable. I can’t recommend her more highly.

Charles R. Garcia , Director, Calif. School of Traditionalist Hispanic Herbalism and columnist

I submitted my manuscript late to my publisher, and had just a week to review the final copy before it was to be sent to the printer. Yael read through what was soon to be a 473-page book and caught numerous typos, errors, solecisms and infelicities. She worked fast and conscientiously, and for that I remain grateful. I would hire her again.

Michael J. Robinson, author of “Predatory Bureaucracy: the Extermination of Wolves and the Transformation of the West” (University Press of Colorado, 2005)

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