Yael’s Variety Hour: Last Party of 2011!

The variety of links this week is the same as usual: some health and fitness posts, some thought-provoking pieces (on education and writing this time), food posts and combat sports posts. Enjoy!

Health and Fitness

  • The January 2012 issue of the Performance Menu is out! It’s got articles on pulling technique in Olympic weightlifting, incorporating animal moves into your workouts, and getting more cash flow in your gym. There’s also Paleo recipes, a comparison of the U.S. Men’s team’s 2007 and 2011 performances in the World Weightlifting Championships and a review of a day-long MovNat workshop, along with some Q+A on training post-ACL surgery and seeing significant gains in the lifts in your mid-30s. Yours for $5.
  • Body/Art. Really nice piece by Tav Byerhoff about art/fitness. Beautifully written…


  • The holidays are over, but if you ever want to buy a foodie a present, here’s 5 Great Kitchen Gadget Gifts which I wrote for City Pages’ Hot Dish blog.

MMA, BJJ, Wrasslin’

  • Jon Fitch is facing Johny Hendricks this Friday night. We’re totally trying to have a party, but I’m not sure anyone is coming. Anyway, here is part of my interview with Fitch: No Need to Dumb Down MMA on Sherdog. A longer profile should be up any day now.
  • InterMat Reads: Perfected by Girls is a really great audio interview with Alfred Martino, the author of Perfected by Girls, a book about a female amateur wrestler. I don’t normally read a lot of fiction, but this novel is definitely on my list.


  • Bootstrapping My Way Into the Ivory Tower. What if you want to be an academic, but you’re poor? What does this even look like? What are the challenges? This personal essay for the Chronicle of Higher Education makes some cogent points.