How to Build Your Business by Walking Away from the Sale

Just Walk AwaySome marketing feels almost impossible to resist.

Your favorite product is 85% off! This really smart expert is only offering advice until Monday! This service will change your life or your money back!

Smart marketers know how to reduce risk, boost urgency, and tempt our wallets with irresistible offers.

But are there times when those techniques work a little too well?

Have you ever been so excited by great marketing that you bought something you just plain didn’t need?

I’ll give you an example. As I was cleaning out my closet this morning, I came across a pair of shoes that I must have bought in another life.

They weren’t my style, I had nothing to wear them with. And — worst of all — they didn’t fit. Why did I buy them?

There was nothing wrong with the shoes. For another person with a dressier wardrobe, a flashier style, a higher pain tolerance, and smaller feet, they would have been perfect.

Some clever shoe store had managed to entice me with a great sale — only for me to wind up with a product that was a bad fit in every possible way.

Are you helping your customers get a good fit?

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Gym Marketing Lessons From Your Favorite Sex Shop

Gym. Image by Wu_135Whether you’re a gym owner, a male fitness fanatic wanting to lift weights with your girlfriend, or a fit woman trying to find other ladies to work out with, you might find yourself wondering why are there so few women in the gym. Is it possible that the gym you own or work out at is as repelling to women as the seedy sex shop they wouldn’t be caught dead in? And if so, what can you do to turn this around? What marketing strategies can you learn from the non-creepy sex shops that are always, always crowded?

I’m not saying your gym should be filled with half-naked women sporting novelty items. What I am saying is that you could take a hint from nice, clean stores which revolutionized the way many women looked at sex shops and tapped into a whole new market. What separates stores such as Good Vibrations or Fascinations from the XXX Adult Store even the bravest women won’t venture near? Read on.

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10 Ways To Stop Driving Away Your Clients

I’ll admit it. I have quit a lot of gyms. In fact, I’m jaded.

Whenever I am thinking of joining a new gym, my shields are up. I look closely for any reason that the gym or
coaches might not be up to my standards. I ask around. I keep my eyes wide open. And even after they’ve
passed my initial test and I’ve signed the dotted line, the gym owners or coaches can still kill rapport quite quickly.

I’ve put together a list of the top 10 things I see as red flags. Avoid these and you’ll have happier clients—which means better retention and more referrals.

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Smart Online: SEO SOS

With search engine optimization, a simple rewording of your website could send your URL skyrocketing up the search charts.

The wishful-thinking business model “If You Build It, They Will Come” doesn’t cut it in cyberspace. There are plenty of attractive, wellexecuted websites that, competition being what it is, lack traffic. If yours falls into this category, consider taking the time to delve into the unsexy but important world of SEO.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of inserting key search words throughout the text of a website and on web pages’ meta tags*, thereby improving the odds that search engines will find and, subsequently, show your link when surfers type in said keywords. Landing in the top 10 search spots on keywords you’ve chosen is ideal, but keep in mind that placement is relative: The typical bricks-and-mortar LYS should strive to outrank its local competition, both fellow yarn shops and big-box stores alike.

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