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Sundara Inn & Spa

Sundara Inn & SpaWisconsin Dells may bill itself as the Waterpark Capital of the World, but if you follow a curved driveway just miles off the main road, you’ll be transported to a secluded spa tucked away in 26 acres of pine forest. Though critics grumbled that a destination spa in Wisconsin wouldn’t be successful, Sundara founder Kelly Trumbull kept her eyes on the prize. “Many people thought that the Midwest lagged too far behind, but Kelly believed that people in Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee shouldn’t need to get on a plane or travel across the country or across the world; that they deserved a sanctuary right in their own backyard,” said Tara Duarte, director of marketing and leisure sales. Trumbull traveled globally, spotting trends on both coasts as well as internationally, before creating a business plan based on a blend of modern wellness and ancient wisdom.

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Overhaul Your Scents Sense

ScentsArtificial scents put into most of our cleaning and beauty products these days reek havoc not only on your sense of smell, but our environment. Get smart about the perfumes in your life.

The sense of smell is arguably the strongest, with fragrances being linked to events and emotions in our deepest memories. In fact, smell is one of our earliest senses, belonging to our limbic system or olfactory brain. Scents can release some very pleasant neurotransmitters such as endorphins and serotonin.

Sadly, our glorious sense of smell is not all roses. Commercial scents can do a great deal of harm to both ourselves and our environment.

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Lose Stress . . . and the pounds will follow

Research indicates that chronic stress causes both inflammation and insulin resistance—either of which can make you gain weight.

The good news? Reducing the stress in your life can both improve your well-being and also work wonders on your waistline! Physical exercise, good nutrition, and adequate sleep all conteract the effects of stress; in addition, supplements, medicinal herbs, and kitchen spices have a useful role to play. Here are our top selections.

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Beauty without Cruelty

BeautyWhether you’re a vegetarian or a meat eater, chances are good that you’re not a huge fan of unnecessary animal testing for cosmetic purposes. I mean, who wants to use lotions, creams, soaps, or shampoos that were rubbed into an animal’s eyes or forcefed or even injected into them? Even products bearing the “no animal testing” label don’t guarantee that no animals were harmed. Some companies hire labs to do work for them, or test on some products but not others.

Animal cruelty aside, have you ever thought about what you’re feeding your skin? Propylene glycol, a petroleum derivative used in hydraulic brake fluid and anti-freeze, is often found in cosmetic products. Dimethicone is a silicone fluid and triethanolamine is actually made from ammonia and ethylene oxide. So your skin and body care or hair products might have ingredients used in anti-freeze, and may have been used to seriously harm animals. What’s a gal to do? Here are some ideas for cruelty-free products and skin and body care — or other solutions for healthy, glowing skin.

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