Virtual Living (Let’s Not)

I happened across some old journals while clearing out some boxes. In one, I’d inscribed a beautiful quote by Scott Russell Sanders. Although I’d copied it a decade ago, it rings true more now than ever.

โ€Ž”No one who has been thoroughly awake to the real universe would swap it for a ‘virtual’ one. Our deepest urge is to bring our lives into direct contact with elemental life. No matter how clever our works, they will never satisfy our hunger. The likeliest way to achieve contact with life, the likeliest way to recover our senses is by shutting off our machines, climbing out of our cars, our electrified boxes, walking beyond the pavement to actual dirt or rock, and opening ourselves to the world we have not made.”

Ironically, reading the quote did not inspire a jaunt in the forest. Instead, I immediately posted it on Facebook. [Read more…]

My Vibram FiveFingers

I recently bought a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. I just couldn’t help it. After reading books like Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, I was pretty intrigued with the idea of allowing the foot to flex to better absorb shock. And I’ve been interested in barefoot technology ever since I picked up my first pair of Nike Frees years ago. I don’t have running injuries, as McDougall did (his plantar fascitis disappeared completely when he started running in FiveFingers). In fact, I’m not even a runner. But who wouldn’t want to buy a shoe that would encourage toe wiggling (great stress relief) or that you can wear toe socks with? Anyway, I promised to report back, so here we go. [Read more…]


When my boyfriend and I went to Parque Nacional de Cahuita, we were hoping to see wildlife. But we never dreamed we’d get to see two species of monkeys so up close. Perhaps the cutest was seeing a monkey carrying a baby on her back. And here’s a capuchin monkey I caught on video.