Stuff I Wrote: November 2016

800px-Skrifmaskin,_Blickensderfer-maskin,_Nordisk_familjebokCan you believe it’s already December? It’s hoodie weather in Phoenix, and has been a long time coming!


If you’re in Phoenix, there are a few events coming up you should know about. First, I’m celebrating my 7-year freelance-

First, I’m celebrating my 7-year freelance-versary at Mod Phoenix today (December 1st), so swing by for champagne and cupcakes at noon if you’re around.

Second, we are hosting a crypto party at the Burton Barr (Downtown Phoenix) library this Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00pm. I’ll be presenting some basics on operational security and threat modeling, Jordan Savoca will talk about VPNs and Tor and secure email systems, and David Huerta will give a PGP crash course. For more information, check out our event page on Facebook and on CryptoParty.IN.

Also, here are four posts and one podcast I worked on in November.

A Third-Party App Helps Walmart Workers Understand Company Policies (Vice/Motherboard) The app Walmart doesn’t want its employees to download.

How To Trump-Proof Your Electronic Communications (Slate/Future Tense) A nuanced, common-sense guide to electronic security in the upcoming administration.

Apple’s New Touch Bar May Present Usability Challenges For Blind Users (Vice/Motherboard) I take a closer look!

Tips For Visiting A New Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gym (Performance Menu, paywall) Whether you’re on the road or just dropping in.

[Podcast] Trump University Settles For $25 Million (Monday Morning Dumpster Dive)

I still have four posts in purgatory, and will hopefully be able to link to them next month. For now, happy holidays, and here’s to you finishing your year out strong!

Stuff I Wrote: October 2016

800px-Skrifmaskin,_Blickensderfer-maskin,_Nordisk_familjebokIt’s a short and sweet roundup of posts I wrote that were published in October. (There are about five more in purgatory, though, and I have a half dozen assignments on top of that so November should be a doozie!)

Why Scribd Changes Copy-Pasted Text To 104-Point Comic Sans (Motherboard) I noticed this while cutting and pasting from a legal document to prep for a podcast, and had to investigate.

Figure Out The Best Training Option For Your Unique Circumstance (Performance Menu, paywalled) If you want to get your sweat on but can’t decide between following a workout program from a book, signing up for group training, splurging for personal training, and so forth, this article will help you figure out the best option based on your specific situation.


Texas Withdraws From Federal Refugee Resettlement Program (Interview with Dylan Baddour, reporter for the Houston Chronicle)

The CIA’s Not-So-Covert Plan For (Cyber)War With Russia (Interview with Trevor Timm, executive director at Freedom of the Press Foundation, and columnist for the Guardian)

Friday Buyouts From The Wall Street Journal (Interview with Jennie Phipps, independent writer and editor and the owner of Freelance Success)

But First, Coffee And Puppies

I was also a guest on Episode 31 of the This Makes Me Happy podcast.

Stuff I Wrote: September 2016

800px-Skrifmaskin,_Blickensderfer-maskin,_Nordisk_familjebokLast month was so busy that I somehow forgot to hit “publish” on this post!  In September, I brushed up on business skills at a bunch of classes at K’e, and then turned around and taught a series of classes on copywriting and social media marketing and storytelling for a handful of local businesses. I cranked out two new podcast episodes with Jimmy Jenkins, about the Clinton email saga continuing, and about the EPA saying that Roundup is not a carcinogen. I also wrote nine posts for five different sites. Check those out below.

Overcoming Gender Bias In Job Hunting (

Women who feel that they aren’t getting job-hunt traction because of their gender might consider the following tips and techniques.

Has Arizona Found a Solution to Gerrymandering? (Yes! Magazine)

Sixteen years ago, Arizona stripped state lawmakers of the right to draw electoral districts. Many lawsuits later, democracy is stronger—in some ways.

Expert Answers: Natural Pain Relief (Experience Life)

Consider these remedies for post-workout pain. (Unfortunately, the edited version of this conflates DOMS with systemic inflammation, but many of the tips are still solid.)

What Happens In The Gym Stays In The Gym Part 2: Technical Tips (Performance Menu, paywall)

In the second part of a series, I shared some nuts and bolts steps you can take to keep your gym private and secure.

Mr. Robot Season 2, Episode 9: Rubber Duckie, You’re The One (Forbes)

We discuss the Pwn Phone, whistleblowing, and so much more.

Mr. Robot Season 2, Episode 10: The Chickens Come Home To Roost (Forbes)

This week we spoke about cell phone location tracking, antenna extenders, Spokeo, and more.

Mr. Robot Season 2, Episode 11: Twin Peaks Edition (Forbes)

Bitcoin, kidnapping, and the DEF CON 22 badge challenge.

Mr. Robot Season 2, Episode 12: The Grand Finale (Forbes)

This week we wrapped up the season finale, and talked about FBI interrogations, revenge strategies, binwalk, Phase 2, shred, Fry’s Electronics, and Mr. Robot cosplay.

What To Do When Facebook Says Your Apple Computer Is Infected With A Virus Or Malware (Forbes)

The anti-virus software link it sends you to won’t help. Here’s what to do instead.

Stuff I Wrote: August 2016

800px-Skrifmaskin,_Blickensderfer-maskin,_Nordisk_familjebokThis month, I spoke at Tales From the Cybercrypt,  a Jewish tech journo panel moderated by Alan Zeichick, alongside Howard Cohen and Esther Schindler, and Arizona Jewish Life wrote a post about me before the event. Monday Morning Dumpster Dive, my new podcast with Jimmy Jenkins, made it to KJZZ’s podcast page! Check out our old episodes on our page there.There’s also an RSS subscription. My husband and I beat the heat with a quick trip to the White Mountains (hiking! cabins! unplugging due to poor WiFi!), and I started training at an amazing gym with an amazing coach. And yet, I somehow managed to get some work done… Here are nine posts of mine from five different sites that went live in August.

  • Building An MVP That Works (Dice Insights) Determining the right time to release a minimum viable product isn’t easy. You have to be careful not to pack in too many features.

[Podcast] Grab Bag Edition: Manafort, Starr, Nilson, Arpaio, Loop 202

Jimmy Jenkins and I started a podcast covering Friday news dumps so they don’t get buried. We almost got buried since there were five (count ’em) news dumps last Friday. In our fifth episode, we looked at Manafort’s resignation from the Trump campaign, Ken Starr’s resignation from Baylor, Arpaio being recommended for criminal contempt charges, Baltimore terminating its contract with a government lawyer accused of past neo-Nazi ties–and the man who hired him resigning, and the latest on South Mountain Freeway expansion court battle.

Make sure to listen, and please help spread the word.

[Podcast] Brendan Dassey Conviction Overturned

Jimmy Jenkins and I started a podcast covering Friday news dumps so they don’t get buried. In our fourth episode, we spoke with attorney Aaron Williamson about a federal judge overturning the conviction of Brendan Dassey for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Make sure to listen, and please help spread the word.


[Podcast] Monday Morning Dumpster Dive: Tesla Troubles & Trump’s Change Of Heart

Jimmy Jenkins and I started a podcast covering Friday news dumps so they don’t get buried. In our third episode, we spoke with NPR Business Correspondent Sonari Glinton about Tesla’s Gigafactory woes. We also discussed Trump’s endorsement of Paul Ryan and John McCain.

Make sure to listen, and please help spread the word.

[Podcast] Monday Morning Dumpster Dive: The Latest Clinton Hack You Haven’t Heard Of

In our second episode, we spoke with Sean Gallagher at Ars Technica about  the latest hack targeting the Clinton campaign.

Make sure to listen, and please help spread the word.

Stuff I Wrote: July 2016

800px-Skrifmaskin,_Blickensderfer-maskin,_Nordisk_familjebokThis month I got to take a trip to Minnesota to visit my inlaws, and ventured out to New York City for the HOPE conference. Still, I managed to get some work done… But first, an announcement: if you’re in Phoenix, please consider coming to Tales from the Cybercrypt: The Global Perspective From Jewish Technology Journalists. I’ll be speaking on this panel, moderated by Alan Zeichick, alongside Howard Cohen and Esther Schindler. Tickets are $18 for professionals and $10 for students. See you there? Meanwhile, please find a roundup of the eight posts I wrote that were published somewhere on the interwebs this month.

  • Not All Swastika Tattoos Are The Same (Slate’s Future Tense) I wrote about how algorithmic tattoo identification for law enforcement could have all sorts of scary consequences, drawing on data revealed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Your support means the world to me!



[Podcast] Monday Morning Dumpster Dive: Draft Data Sharing Legislation & Saudi Ties to 9/11

Jimmy Jenkins and I started a podcast covering Friday news dumps so they don’t get buried.

In our first episode, we spoke with Rachael Tackett about draft legislation that could impact how foreign governments gain access to data stored in the U.S. We also looked at recently declassified documents showing links between Saudi officials and 9/11.

Make sure to listen, and please help spread the word.