Yael’s Variety Hour: Three Great Resources

640px-ShakespeareI wanted to let you know about three great resources I’ve come across that I haven’t written about yet.


If you go to see Shakespeare any chance you get, this site will save you an awful lot of Googling. You can see a list of where’s playing what if you want to look up your town, or anywhere that you’re visiting. Or, if you want to go on a special trip to see Troilus and Cressida or All’s Well That Ends Well, check out the list of what’s playing where.

Geek Feminism Wiki Resources For Therapists

The geek feminism wiki is a treasure trove of information, and this new resource for therapists has been put together to get therapists up to speed on the background, issues and incidents relating to gender issues in tech, gaming and other related fields that are unfortunately rife with bullying, harassment and misogyny. Even though the resource is intended for specifically for mental health professionals, I think it’s a really good primer to get anyone up to speed. If you are writing about these issues or are just curious, I’d really recommend taking a look.


Reachable is a great resource for trying to track down a decision maker or someone else you want to meet, using social media profiles, provided that you’re okay getting intros to intros to intros until you meet someone who can introduce you to the person you’re trying to reach.

Yael’s Variety Hour: Dinosaur Muscles, Freelance Life, Health and Fitness & Be The Change

Dinosaur mom with little babiesWelcome to this week’s Variety Hour, my collection of posts that drew my attention from around the internets. Unfortunately, I’ve been using Instapaper far too much, so I only have  9 posts to share.

Freelance Life

Be The Change

Health and Fitness


Yael’s Variety Hour: Medical Ethics, Superheroes With Winter Apparel & Ways To Annoy Your Ex

Drawning handsThis week’s variety hour is pretty short, considering there was a week-long hiatus. I blame Instapaper. However, I did manage to compile 13 interesting posts while scouring the interwebs. Enjoy!


  • Success dysmorphiaI’ve linked to this before, but it’s come up for me a bit recently. An oldie but goodie from the amazing Pam Slim about how we need to find new ways of defining success rather than chasing other people’s vision.
  • Don’t Believe The Hype. If you think there’s one formula for a successful business strategy, think again. In this post, Noah Kagan shares his click-through rate on twitter and email. Always important to keep evaluating what works and what doesn’t–it may not be what you expect!


Girl Power

Ugh. Skip This If You’re Squeamish

  • Lloyd Irvin Continues Purchasing Rape-Themed URLs, Turning Them Into Marketing Sites. If you’re tired of hearing about the messed up things “Master Lloyd” continues to do, realize that people who are working hard to make sure this DOESN’T get pushed under the rug are helping women in DC know what they’re getting into before they step foot into a new gym or attend a self-defense seminar they’d otherwise steer clear of (to put it mildly).

Medical Ethics



Yael’s Variety Hour: Workout Music, Sketchy Publishers, the R Word & More

Rough_diamondWelcome to the Variety Hour, where you will find random posts about things I think about regularly, along with things I don’t ever think about. Variety is the spice of life!

If you’re looking for stuff I wrote, just go to http://yaelwrites.com/2013/03/24/stuff-i-wrote-cool-trophies-social-media-tips-making-complex-topics-accessible/.

Love and Marriage…

  • Diamonds Are Bullshit. I love my conflict-free diamond from Brilliant Earth, but I agree with the sentiment behind this piece. Hat tip to the amazing Leo Babauta.

The R Word

  • My Inappropriate Relationship. On Salon, Jillian Lauren discusses her fling with a camp counselor–she was 12, and he was 20. Great writing about a complex and nuanced situation.
  • Life After Steubenville. Amy Davidson of the New Yorker explains why she thinks juvie was the right punishment for the crime in this instance.





  • Becoming the All-Terrain Human. Times writer Christopher Solomon writes about Kilian Jornet Burgada, “who has won dozens of mountain footraces up to 100 miles in length and six world titles in Skyrunning.”



Video of the Week


Yael’s Variety Hour: Journalism, Facebook, Flu Risk, & Anne Hathaway

EM_of_influenza_virusI’ll be blogging from the Association of Healthcare Journalists’ annual conference in Boston later this week… but for now, here’s my completely random selection of interesting posts this week.



  • Facebook ‘Likes’ Reveal More About You Than You Think. “The study notes that Likes that are the best predictors of high intelligence include ‘Thunderstorms,’ The Colbert Report, ‘Science” and ‘Curly Fries.’ Low intelligence was indicated by liking (Facebook pages for) ‘Sephora,’ ‘I Love Being A Mom,’ ‘Harley Davidson’ and ‘Lady Antebellum.’ Researchers gave no further explanation of these findings.”


 Video of the Week


Yael’s Variety Hour: Income Disparity & Medical Cures

Empty palms up isolated on a white background.This week’s Variety Hour is short and sweet–six links that piqued my interest.

Wealth & Poverty

Medical Treatment

Writing Biz


Yael’s Variety Hour: Workplace Culture, Preventing Concussions, And More

Depositphotos_2777272_xsIt’s that time again, when I corral my favorite posts from the week, do my best to put them in neat categories, and share it with you! Enjoy these links–something for everyone, I hope.

Tech, Culture and Gender Politics 

We Frickin’ Love Science 

Writing, Craft Of

  • Breeding Unicorns and Building Off of OthersNieman Journalism Lab shares some lessons learned from the Journalism Interactive conference… namely, that journalists need to learn how to be nimble and adaptable, and able to learn things on their own.

Writing, Business Of


  • Lies You Tell Yourself In the Gym. Sorry, folks, this one ain’t free (unless you subscribe to the Performance Menu). Just my piece on gym lies, in a stacked issue with articles on everything from handstand walking to functional fitness to PEDs… plus the answers to the age-old questions of how much you should be able to lift, and how to make group training work for you. $6.95 for the issue.

Mixed Martial Arts 

Food For Thought

Yael’s Variety Hour: Crime. Bullying. Gender Politics

Welcome to this week’s Variety Hour, where I cull together my favorite posts from around the interwebs, and place them in one specific non-sequiter post, hoping there’s something of interest for everyone.


From Seth Godin’s Blog

Gender Politics

  • Why I’d Rather Work For A Man Than A Woman. This woman argues that it’s better to work for men,  because they’re less emotional. Like her. Only she’s not a man. The mind boggles. (How this got on Forbes is beyond me.)

Requisite Fitness Section


  • And here’s a video they shared called Online Checkout. For when shopping online isn’t as easy as it could be.


Valentine’s Day Variety Hour: Denial! Interviews! Food! Booze!

I accidentally closed a million tabs today, and then opened new ones, so I couldn’t reopen the old ones. Nevertheless, I still wrangled together 15 amazing posts for you. Because I love you.

 Freelance Living

  •  The Best of YGS. No, that’s not my initials, but rather some guys reading misspelled tweets out loud for 19 whole minutes. Hat tip to Emmitt.
  • Punctuation Substitution. It’s not what you think, but rather a funny video on how to deal with people you have to send polite emails to, in spite of what you really want to say.



 From the WTF Files

 Shameless Self-Promotion (Just two this week.)


Yael’s Variety Hour: Heels, Headlines and Hook-Up Apps

1912_cold_headlineWelcome to this week’s Variety Hour, where I look at the five hundred bazillion posts I’ve perused over the past week or so, and try to put my favorites in categories. I hope you find something you like.


  • Should Journalists Learn To Code? I spoke with Josh Benton of the Nieman Journalism Lab and Regina McCombs of the Poynter Institute to get some insight on this.
  • Women in Tech and Empathy Work. For the record, I am female and do not consider myself terribly empathetic–interpersonal skills are something I have had to work hard at. And I also know many men who are excellent with people. However, I thought this post by Lauren Bacon had some good food for thought.



  • The No-Brainer Scenario. Trying to decide whether to take on a new client or switch positions? Victoria Brouhard’s post always helps me when I’m stuck in this situation. Oldie but goodie: I refer clients and friends alike to this post at least twice a week.


  • A Night of Tweets: UFC on Fox 6. Sherdog writers live tweet during events, and one of my tweets from UFC on Fox 6 made it into this wrap-up. Find out which one. 

Truly Miscellaneous

  • Cupid’s Undie Run. If someone’s gonna run in their underwear for charity…how can you not donate?
  • Performance Menu: Journal of Health and Athletic Excellence. Issue 97, yours for $7 (or as part of a subscription, which is a way better deal), not only includes my interview with weight loss coach Adam Gilbert, but also some stellar articles on weightlifting, metabolic conditioning and more.