Yael Shoot 1261-Edit-Edit-EditHi, everyone! I’m Yael. (Insert handshake here.)

An investigative journalist at heart, I write about world-changing tech startups, online privacy, and cutting-edge fitness and nutrition research. I cover controversies and movements with nuance and depth.

My writing has appeared in Experience Life, Men’s Journal, TakePart.com, Slate’s Future Tense blog, the Freelancer, the Content Strategist, and many other publications and websites.

My work has been featured in several anthologies, including Blue Jean:What Young Women are Thinking, Saying and Doing and The Bust DIY Guide to Life: Making Your Way through Every Day. As a copyeditor and proofreader, I helped polish manuscripts for books including New York Times bestseller The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet by Robb Wolf and Predatory Bureaucracy: The Extermination of Wolves and the Transformation of the West by Michael Robinson.

I am the managing editor of Performance Menu: Journal of Health and Athletic Excellence. I also edit several brand blogs–but never about topics I cover editorially.

I got my degree at Shimer College, the best worst school, where we sat around octagonal tables discussing/debating classic literature and philosophy.

Right now I live in Phoenix, where I teach workshops from time to time on everything from PR for startups to breaking into freelance writing… or whatever seems interesting at the moment.

I’m a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, am obsessed with bluegrass music, and am always in search of a new favorite cafe.

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