Stuff I Wrote: July 2018

I was traveling for the majority of July, spending a week with my husband visiting his family in Minnesota and another week in New York meeting with editors and attending a hacking conference, so I only have two posts and one podcast episode to share with you this month.

German Police Raid Homes of Tor-Linked Group’s Board Members (ZDNet) One board member described the police’s justification for the raids as a “tenuous” link between the privacy group, a blog, and its email address.

PG&E Allows Substantial Account Access Without a Password, Researcher Finds (Security Now) A security researcher found that he was able to make major changes to his account, including scheduling service shutoffs, using information that could be easily found online.

PODCAST: Trump Administration Plans to Detain Families Longer than 20 Days This interview with Layal Rabat came out early this month.

Some personal news: I’ve been accepted to Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s 12-month Masters in Mass Communication Program, starting in mid-August. I’ll be focusing my studies on investigative reporting and data journalism. I’ve been self-publishing since I was a tween in my parents’ basement back in 1991, and freelancing full-time since December 2009, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to get feedback on my work and kick things up a notch.

I’ve also accepted a research assistantship at the Donald W. Reynold’s National Center for Business Journalism, where I’ll get to learn how to use a Bloomberg Terminal, level up my investigative business journalism skills, and continue writing for the website.

I will continue freelancing (and podcasting) as time permits, and have some pretty interesting articles and a video course coming out in the coming months, which I can’t wait to tell you all about. I’ll also be speaking on a panel on getting paid/dealing with delinquent clients at ScienceWriters 2018 in Washington, DC on Saturday, October 13. More on that soon.

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