Stuff I Wrote: June 2018

Somehow, 2018 is half over, which means it’s time for another URL dump. Here are five articles and three podcast episodes I worked on that were released in June. These include my first ever post for enterprise.nxt, some primers for business writers, some posts for techies, and podcasts for people watching Cobra Kai (cohosted by the amazing Melanie Gale). Enjoy the sunshine, and we’ll catch you next month.

Medical Device Security: Hacking Prevention Measures (enterprise.nxt) With so many lives at stake, computer scientists and healthcare IT pros are motivated to develop strategies that keep patients safe from medical device hackers. They’re making progress.

What Journalists Need to Know About Password Managers (Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism) Despite its relatively low rate of adoption, there’s still a big market for password management software, and there’s no shortage of companies wanting to throw their hat into the ring.

What You Should Know About GDPR (Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism) Even with the clear warnings and affirmative consent required by GDPR, companies that collect large swaths of data from users are responsible for securing that data, particularly if it is being retained and/or sold to third parties.

Eraser Project Admin Garrett Trant on How the Longtime Secure Deletion Tool Lets Windows Users Wipe Files From Hard Disk Drives (Hosting Advice) When people put computer files in the trash bin or erase them from their hard disk drives, they’re still recoverable to computer forensics specialists. Eraser helps Windows users working with sensitive data wipe files completely so they’re unrecoverable.

Genedata: Advanced Software Solutions Help Biopharmaceutical Companies Automate Complex Processes and Streamline Workflows (Hosting Advice) Genedata helps transform large volumes of data into important scientific discoveries by providing time-saving software, consulting services, cloud hosting, and operational IT support help companies increase the speed with which they work. By automating complex experimental processes, the company also helps researchers identify dead ends early in the R&D process, saving biopharmaceutical organizations millions of dollars.


Facebook Gave Select Companies Access to User Data–Even After It Was Supposed To Have Been Cut Off Interview with Cyrus Farivar, Senior Tech Policy Reporter at Ars Technica

Karate Chop: Daniel LaRusso Needs Therapy (Cobra Kai Episode 2 Recap)

In this recap, we discussed swim parties, inhaler tossing, fish sticks, and picking fights in other people’s dojos.

Karate Chop: Adults Go Home (Cobra Kai Episode 3 Recap)

In this episode recap, we discuss Johnny’s recruitment strategy, Samantha’s high school dance, Spygate, and Miguel’s karate #fail.


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