Stuff I Wrote: May 2018

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Luckily, May wasn’t as hot in Phoenix as I thought it would be, but… HOW IS IT June already? I’m working on some big projects right now I hope to announce sometime in the late summer or fall, but for now, here are eight articles I wrote and two podcasts I made. (One of them is about Cobra Kai!)

Why is it OK For Cell Phone Companies to Sell Your Data to Third Parties? (Slate/Future Tense)
We shouldn’t be complacent about this.

Questions to Ask When Covering Health Care and Artificial Intelligence (Donald W. Reynolds Center for Business Journalism) 
Things like algorithms and computer learning are changing health care. There are major implications for the increased use of medical technology and a number of questions reporters should keep in mind.

Researching Fraudulent Organizations in Health Care (Donald W. Reynolds Center for Business Journalism)
Investigative writer Charles Piller and Christopher Robinson, professor of law and University of Arizona associate dean for research and innovation, spoke about the science of genetic testing at the Association of Health Care Journalists health journalism conference in Phoenix. The panel offered a blueprint for uncovering and reporting on fraudulent organizations

How to Enhance Your Golf Game (Experience Life)
Expert advice for improving your golf game while also preventing overuse injuries.

BitPay’s Secure, Open-Source Approach Enables Businesses and Developers to Leverage Bitcoin Payments and Find New Revenue (Hosting Advice)

Agriya Helps Entrepreneurs Dream Big and Work Fast When Recreating Popular Programs and Launching New Businesses (Hosting Advice)

Venngage Takes the Heavy Lifting Out of Infographic Creation Through Classic Templates and A Smart Recommendation Engine (Hosting Advice)

Inky Protects Businesses From Phishing Attacks By Mixing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision Algorithms  (Hosting Advice)


Melanie Gale and I started a podcast about Cobra Kai called The Karate Chop! Episode 1 is a recap of Episode 1: Warm Beer and Bad Pizza.

Call Detail Record Surveillance Triples with Robyn Greene on the Monday Morning Dumpster Dive!

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  1. Read your work on Vice about how to OPT OUT of Data Broker Sites. Spent the rest of my day working through your list. I wanted to thank you for writing that.

  2. I’m so glad you worked through the list! That is really nice to hear!

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