Stuff I Wrote: October 2017

Happy November! I’m putting together this content roundup from beautiful Portland, Oregon, where I’ve been enjoying the fall colors and the rain. As always, I’ve been working on a lot of projects that I can’t post about yet, usually because they’re either ghostwritten or not completed. That said, here are a few things I’ve been working on.

  • Big Ass Data Broker Opt-Out List is a quick guide I put together for a cryptoparty in Phoenix, meant to assist people in getting their home addresses and phone numbers off of the web. To make it easier, I characterized opt-out methods with emoji. ☠ 🎫 📞 📠 📫 💰 To find a cryptoparty near you, check out
  • The new season of Mr. Robot is in full swing, and I’ve been discussing the hacks with a group of amazing people. Our chat has moved from Forbes to Motherboard, which is really exciting for fans of the fabulous site, as well as people who object to ad blocker blockers or bad interfaces. Check out our discussions of the premier, Powers Saver Mode, Episode 2: Undo, or Episode 3: Legacy.
  • My biggest news for this month is that I have a fantastic new podcast cohost, Trevor Hultner. This also means that you can download our podcast on Apple Podcasts in addition to either of our Soundcloud accounts. I did attach three episodes below, on the birth control mandate rollback, executive order changes to military recall procedures, and warrantless surveillance. Enjoy!

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