Stuff I Wrote: June 2017

Since it’s a million degrees in Phoenix, I try to do most of my traveling in the summer. I was lucky enough to escape to Chicago for work and play, and shortly after heading home, I got to attend the Investigative Reporters and Editors conference right here in Phoenix. Here are four articles I managed to write amidst the whirlwind, as well as two podcast episodes from June.

Hacking Is The Least Ridiculous Part of ‘House of Cards,’ Somehow (Motherboard) Amber alert hacking, polyglots, and switching centers.

That One-Leg Monster (Folks) How K.C. Mitchell, a combat-wounded Army veteran, became the strongest amputee powerlifter in the world.

5 Steps For Dealing With Joint Pain And Inflammation (Performance Menu) It’s paywalled, so subscribe already!

Finding Work After Being Fired (Without Lying About It) (Dice Insights)

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