Stuff I Wrote: February 2017

February was a busy month for me, but I don’t have a lot of posts to share. Mostly I worked behind the scenes doing some editing and writing e-books, lead magnets, white papers, and podcast scripts for a number of clients. That said, I do have three articles and three podcast episodes to share with you!

This Music App Wants To Improve Your Hearing (Motherboard)

Earlogic’s TSC Music app uses “threshold sound conditioning” to improve your hearing capacity. (Or so they claim: I’m not entirely sure since they wouldn’t share the research study they promoted with the media.)

Swipe Right For Innovation (Medium/Built to Adapt)

For Valentine’s Day, I interviewed former Tinder CTO Ryan Ogle. Check out our Q&A.

How To Find The Right Massage Therapist (Performance Menu) (paywall)

There’s nothing like a good massage to help alleviate pain, prevent injuries, or just find a rare moment of Zen while lying on a table and remembering how to breathe. That said, a massage is only as good as the person giving it, and it’s always a bummer to put time and money into a crappy experience. If you’re about to make a first appointment, or are considering switching to a different massage therapist, these tips may help.

Enjoy, and I’ll catch you in March!

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