Stuff I Wrote: January 2017

Happy February! Here’s a collection of stuff I wrote in January about hacking, porn, passwords, phishing, volunteering, spam calls, resolutions, and more.

I’m also including links to four podcasts covering Friday news dumps ranging from election hacking to Trump’s Muslim travel ban.

Hacker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: The Future Is Cyberwar (Vocativ) We’ve seen data theft, energy grid hacks, and Stuxnet, but not open cyberwar — yet.

Porn Sites Should Be Using This Basic Security Feature (Motherboard) Your network traffic may actually implicate you in activity in that regime that is considered outright illegal.

2016’s Worst Passwords Are Just As Bad As 2015’s (Forbes) So please tell me yours is not on the list.

What To Do When You’ve Been Phished (Forbes) Clicked on a dodgy link and entered your password? Here’s what to do next.

How Tech Pros Can Volunteer In Fun Ways (Dice) Use your tech skills for good!

How To Stop Telemarketers And Robocalls Dead In Their Tracks (Motherboard) Burner, the mobile app that lets users create temporary phone numbers, is now working with Nomorobo to block spam phone calls.

Austrian Hotel To Replace Smart Locks With Normal Locks After Ransomware Attack  (Forbes) It also paid the ransom, which is not the recommended course of action!

Privacy and Security Stuff You Should Read: 1/31/2017 (Forbes) Russia’s arrest of top cybersecurity figures, what full-blown cyberwar would look like, security tips for anonymous Twitter account users, and more.

Now You Can Beef Up Your Security For Facebook (Forbes) Facebook has improved login security for its 1.8 million users by integrating the FIDO u2F Security Key into its platform.

Beyond Resolutions: 7 Things To Try In 2017 (Performance Menu) This one’s paywalled, but consider subscribing, especially if you’re into Olympic lifting!

This Is Why We Love Joe Lauzon (The Sports Post) There are plenty of reasons; honesty is just another one.


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