Stuff I Wrote: December 2016

Can you believe it’s the end of the year already? Soon, I’ll be recapping 2016 and posting my most popular articles of the year, but for now, here’s some stuff I wrote this month.

Why Cheap, Outdated Android Phones Widen The Digital Security Divide (Reveal News)

Millions of Android users are running out-of-date software that leaves them vulnerable to a whole host of publicized security flaws.

This Tabletop Game Forces You To Confront Humanity’s Future Threats (Motherboard)

The horrors of the future, from nuclear proliferation to plagues, are on full display in Eclipse Phase–a post-apocalyptic sci fi/horror tabletop role-playing game with transhumanist themes.

7 Bold Burgers To Try Before You Die (Made Man)

These burgers from Shamrocks Irish Nook, Solly’s Grille, Esme, 821 Cafe, Taco Bamba, Crown Burgers, and The Anchor Fish & Chips will blow your mind.

A Meditation Primer (Performance Menu, paywalled)

Meditating can be one of those annoying things that you already know they should do, but never get around to doing, like flossing, or changing your oil. But since you’re a Performance Menu reader, you are of above average intelligence, and likely already take great care of your teeth and car. Add some meditation to the mix and you’ll be all set.

[Podcast] Monday Morning Dumpster Dive: College Football Edition

Violence against women, drunken coaches, and good old-fashioned cheating. For the college football-themed episode of our podcast, we spoke with former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe about the disturbing video of Joe Mixon punching a female student, Steve Sarkisian getting hired on as a coach despite some baggage, and the Wakeyleaks scandal.

[Podcast] Monday Morning Dumpster Dive: Russian Interference in the U.S. Election

We spoke with Ethan Heilman, Network Security Researcher at Boston University, about the latest.


[Podcast] Monday Morning Dumpster Dive: Friday Night Flight Dump

We spoke with Melanie Zanona about Norwegian Air operations in the U.S.

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