Stuff I Wrote: September 2016

800px-Skrifmaskin,_Blickensderfer-maskin,_Nordisk_familjebokLast month was so busy that I somehow forgot to hit “publish” on this post!  In September, I brushed up on business skills at a bunch of classes at K’e, and then turned around and taught a series of classes on copywriting and social media marketing and storytelling for a handful of local businesses. I cranked out two new podcast episodes with Jimmy Jenkins, about the Clinton email saga continuing, and about the EPA saying that Roundup is not a carcinogen. I also wrote nine posts for five different sites. Check those out below.

Overcoming Gender Bias In Job Hunting (

Women who feel that they aren’t getting job-hunt traction because of their gender might consider the following tips and techniques.

Has Arizona Found a Solution to Gerrymandering? (Yes! Magazine)

Sixteen years ago, Arizona stripped state lawmakers of the right to draw electoral districts. Many lawsuits later, democracy is stronger—in some ways.

Expert Answers: Natural Pain Relief (Experience Life)

Consider these remedies for post-workout pain. (Unfortunately, the edited version of this conflates DOMS with systemic inflammation, but many of the tips are still solid.)

What Happens In The Gym Stays In The Gym Part 2: Technical Tips (Performance Menu, paywall)

In the second part of a series, I shared some nuts and bolts steps you can take to keep your gym private and secure.

Mr. Robot Season 2, Episode 9: Rubber Duckie, You’re The One (Forbes)

We discuss the Pwn Phone, whistleblowing, and so much more.

Mr. Robot Season 2, Episode 10: The Chickens Come Home To Roost (Forbes)

This week we spoke about cell phone location tracking, antenna extenders, Spokeo, and more.

Mr. Robot Season 2, Episode 11: Twin Peaks Edition (Forbes)

Bitcoin, kidnapping, and the DEF CON 22 badge challenge.

Mr. Robot Season 2, Episode 12: The Grand Finale (Forbes)

This week we wrapped up the season finale, and talked about FBI interrogations, revenge strategies, binwalk, Phase 2, shred, Fry’s Electronics, and Mr. Robot cosplay.

What To Do When Facebook Says Your Apple Computer Is Infected With A Virus Or Malware (Forbes)

The anti-virus software link it sends you to won’t help. Here’s what to do instead.

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