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Writing Fountain penToday is my four-year freelancing anniversary, and I’ll soon be sharing lessons learned since I got started while on unemployment and living in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. But for now, here’s a few posts I wrote this month.

I’m really excited that I got to write about some pretty fantastic people, and if you make it through to the end of this list o’ links, I have some information on customer acquisition via social media marketing from a workshop I gave at ASJA’s Content Connections conference in Chicago.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, and feel free to find me on Twitter and/or follow my biz page on Facebook, too.

New Media

  • Django creator Adrian Holovaty on turning data into opportunity (Ebyline). Not only is Adrian Holovaty probably a genius, he has a knack for working on really interesting and creative projects, and it was fun trying to find the thread that ties them together and tease out what other people can learn from him. This was my favorite piece to work on all month.
  • How storyboarding helps create visual content (Ebyline) Although I’m a bit disappointed with the image selection, I’m psyched that I got to discuss incorporating visual elements into digital features, and got to highlight talented illustrator Joyce Rice after attending her workshop at ASJA’s Content Connections conference.



  • Hacking Paleo with Patrick Vlaskovits (Performance Menu) The man from PaleoHacks, and also a coauthor of the  Lean Entrepreneur. This interview’s three bucks to download, or included with the November issue.


  • An MMA Thanksigiving: 2013 Edition (Sherdog) What staff writers and freelancers were most thankful for in mixed martial arts. (For more of my thoughts on MMA, check out my TUF recaps on MMA Torch.

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  1. Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary. I just found your blog 6 months ago. I wish I would have found you a lot sooner. Here’s to many more good years. Thanks for your time.

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