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Writing Fountain penFirst, I want to thank everyone who made a donation to BRIDGEdotMN since my last post. It really means a lot. Since I took myself out of the fundraising process this year, I don’t know exactly who donated and can’t thank you personally like I wish I could, but I do appreciate it very much.

Before delving into my own posts for September, I did want to share one I really liked called Grunt Work over at Ninjas and Robots. Nate Kontny makes a very good case for working crappy jobs for crappy pay. 🙂 Check it out; I think he makes a good point.

Oh, also, I’m going to be in San Francisco in mid-October (which is so exciting! and I’ll tell you all about it soon!), so if you’d like to get in touch for weekday brunch, let me know! Thinking of getting a group together.

Without further ado, here’s the list of posts I wrote this past month.


  • Ice Cream Bars As Health Food ( These actually taste amazingly good in addition to being pretty health (for ice cream). I was so excited.



Social Media Marketing

  • How To Conduct Great Interviews For Even Greater Content (VerticalResponse) Any time I get to speak with Andrew Warner is a win in my book. (I’m trying to get him to hang out with me when I’m in San Francisco next month). In this post, he shares some tips on getting the most out of interviews and really providing value for your clients. (He’s a whiz at both.)
  • Turn Customers Into Advocates (VerticalResponse) I was so psyched to interview Laura Roeder, one of my heroes, on building a raving fan base online–something she’s particularly good at.
  • Find Your Company’s Hidden Marketer (VerticalResponse) Stella at is so smart, and she shares some great tips here for startups looking to collaborate on their marketing efforts.
  • What Google’s Latest Panda Update Means For Your SEO (VerticalResponse) Google has a new Hummingbird update, so Panda almost seems like old news, but the concepts of good content and good marketing always apply. Here’s some tips from Dan Reno (Be Found Online) and Ryan Evans (BiteSize PR) on one of the new updates from Google.


Please put on your ad blocker and then catch up on my recaps for each episode of this season’s TUF to date.

And speaking of women’s MMA, I wanted to share one more post that’s not mine: WMMA Roundup’s Much Ado About Women in MMA. It’s good stuff.

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