Yael’s Variety Hour: Negative Thinking, Health Design & Objectify a Man in Tech Day

800px-Variety_of_WandsThis week’s variety hour is a little late, as I’ve got about a million links to look at. Here are the ones that caught my eye; something for everyone, as always.

Negative Thinking

  • Oliver Burkeman on ‘Antidote’.  An interesting audio interview from MPR on the “negative path” to happiness. For people who aren’t into Tony Robbins or “The Secret.”


Health Writing & Design

  • Health Design Challenge. More than 200 designers across the country improved the visual layout and information style of the patient health record, and this is what they came up with. Brilliant.


  • Space Invaders This Slate piece explains why you don’t ever need to include two spaces after a period.


  • Choose Your Masters Wisely. Kate Courageous addresses the trend of hipster bloggers/consultants/biz gurus who write about how you suck to try to sell you their thing. It’s annoying. Vote with your feet!

Gender Politics

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