Yael’s Variety Hour (And Survey Results)

My warmest wishes to you for a wonderful and happy New Year! Stay safe and have fun.

Survey Results and 2013 Blogging Plan

Thank you to everyone who filled out the reader survey.

In reviewing the responses, I saw that the two big areas of interest were split between the craft of writing (as well as the business of writing, and blogging) and physical fitness (as well as health and wellness, and food and nutrition).

I plan on posting three times a week going into 2013. Although I may sometimes veer off topic, I’d like one post each week to cover writing in some form, and one to address health. The third post will be the ever-popular Variety Hour.

Odds and Ends

I spent many hours looking at my profit and loss sheets for the year, and trying to decide what my strategy will be in 2013. This involves keeping things that bring simplicity, ease and joy to my business. It also means axing things that I’m either not using or not deriving value from.

Stuff to keep: Professional groups. Freshbooks (my invoicing software). Retronyms recorder for iPhone (to tape interviews). Mixergy Premium (training from proven entrepreneurs). CoCo (the coworking space I just started going to once a week). Select AppSumo products. Virtual assistant(s). Basecamp. Client gifts.

Stuff to trim: Diva photographers. Membership sites. (I might make exceptions for the right ones, but am planning on being very picky going forward.) Scribe SEO. Overpriced conferences with low ROI. (I made a list of all the ones I went to, the cost incurred, and any benefits. Many didn’t measure up.) Classes I don’t need for things I already know.

Without further ado, here are this week’s links:

Shameless Self-Promotion

  • The Future of Healthcare is a piece I wrote for the January issue of the Performance Menu about some new technological and political advancements, and how things are changing. Yours for $2.75.

Quirky Cool (or not)

  • Linnaean Flower Clock. I signed up for Quarterly.co subscription 6 months ago, and am so glad I did. Otherwise I never would have gotten these seeds–can’t wait to plant my very own Horologium Florae (lit. “flower clock”) here.


  • Shockingly Happy. This is about resilience (or anti-fragility, as they say.) It’s quite relevant even outside of the context of entrepreneurship it’s written in.
  • Where Are My Customers? A great (and short) video series with Noah Kagan, who I’ve been linking to way too much lately… but only because I keep finding amazing new content!

Inclusivity, in 3 Verses

If you spend a lot of time thinking about inclusivity and safety in online spaces, these posts were all thought-provoking


  • All Journalism is Tech Journalism Now. “But journalists everywhere, not just tech journalists, have to stop vague tech hand-waving and start caring about getting the details right, and when they do make mistakes, they need to correct them quickly. Otherwise they’ll lose their audience; because today’s audience knows that those details matter.” Hat tip to Don Ball.


Just for 2013

  • Creative Rhythm Planners. So there I was, lamenting on facebook that I can’t find a calendar with a grid now that BusyBodyBook has decided not to offer 2013 calendars…. and Kelly Pratt came to the rescue with these! Look for a more detailed review in the new year.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Yael,
    I can’t wait to check out all of the links above – what wonderfully useful information! My mission these days is to figure out the simple structures that allow for freeing up creativity. Your suggestions above are perfect.

    i discovered the Pomodoro technique this year which is another tool that has helped me with creativity and productivity. I believe you use it too… So simple but so helpful!

    Thanks so much for including my planner in your list… I’m honored! And can’t wait to get your input on how to make them even more useful!! Happy new year!!

  2. Thanks so much Yael for including me on your list; I appreciate it. (And thanks for the karaoke shout-out…lol.)

  3. It is my pleasure!

  4. Glad you dig them! Don’t open them all at once. 🙂 I love the Strict Pomodoro plug-in for Chrome!

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