(More) Top Posts From 2012

Yesterday, I posted the top 12 blog posts from 2012, according to my analytics data. Today, I’d like to link to some posts I have available elsewhere.

This list is far from comprehensive. Much of my writing is available in print publications and not online*, such as my article on fermented foods for Edible Twin Cities, my interview with Lucas Lepri for Jiu Jitsu style, or my article for Black Belt magazine on guillotine choke counters. A large chunk of the work I do is ghostwriting, and much of my bylined work is very time-sensitive. Nonetheless, here’s twenty posts that I’m pretty proud of which I think you may enjoy, if you haven’t seen them yet. (Last year’s top article list included interviews with both urban farmer Will Allen and punk rock king Henry Rollins, as well as a piece on women’s self-defense and a workout with Krista Scott-Dixon, but I did my best to try to top all that unfettered awesome.)


  • Changing Media Landscape Leads Some Towards Coworking. This was a fun piece I wrote for Ebyline’s New’s Hook, where conversations about the future of media take place. After researching this piece, I joined as a member of CoCo, one of the coworking spaces featured.

Health and Fitness

  • Speed Workouts X 3 was a fun series of sprint and sprint-inspired exercises for all levels (courtesy of Mike Young) written for Experience Life. It’s got some great warmups and beautiful illustrations, too.
  • Pain Relief Postures is a piece on Alexander Technique which I wrote for Energy Times’ Holistic Health section.



  • U of M Investigating Wearable Technologies. This is a really recent piece I wrote for a local site, TECHdotMN. Although it  got very little feedback, but I wanted to include it because I’m really fascinated by these research projects and impressed with Dr. Lucy Dunne, interviewed in the piece.

Combat Sports

I’m lucky enough to be working with Sherdog.com, and writing a regular column called Beating the Odds, all about MMA fighters who defied the oddsmakers and proved the critics wrong, winning as underdogs. I even got to try my hand at video interviews both at Bellator 60 and at NAFC: Colloseum. Aside from that, I also get to profile fighters from time to time. Here’s a few samples from the year.

And here’s a few other pieces on MMA HQ.



Some of my articles are available online for a small fee ($3 or less), such as my pieces for the Performance Menu: Journal of Health and Athletic Excellence, which include my interview with A.J. Jacobs, a conversation with Steven Rinella (Hunting the Right Way), a review of 23andMe DNA Decoding:, a piece on MovNat training Coaching Naturally: MovNat’s Best Practices (and an Epiphany on Running), and a two-part piece on how to read a scientific study (Parts 1: Tips From the Pros and Part 2: Different Types of Studies and Some Common Terms), plus my article on memory with Nelson Dellis and Joshua Foer, aptly titled Upgrade Your Memory, Break Through Plateaus, and Improve Your Coaching (Or: Why You Should Imagine Shoving Your Ankles Up Your Ass).

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