Top 12 Posts of 2012

Each year around this time, I write a series of posts recapping the year. To start, I’d like to repost my most popular pieces this year, based on Google Analytics data.

  • Top Five Apps For Writers was a post I put together about what I use on a regular basis: OurDeal for contracts, Freshbooks for invoicing, TeuxDeux for lists, Chrome’s Incognito setting for distraction-free browing, and Scrivener for keeping everything organized. If I had to write this over again, I’d add 37Signal’s Basecamp, too. And Strict Pomodoro. Look for another list soon! I was excited that this was my #1 post for the year, though, as I’ve been moving into tech writing in the last few months.
  • BJJ Gym Review: Marcelo Garcia’s Jiu-Jitsu Academy in New York City was my recap of visiting  the Brazilian jiu-jitsu mecca, and training with Marcelo himself, and also with Henrique. There’s a limitless amount of footage of Marcelo teaching, and of course his books (my review of one almost made the top 10), but not a lot of detailed info about a one-day training excursion from the eyes of a white belt.

  • Who Was Chris McBride (And Why You Should Care) was part of a fundraiser I put together in memory of a dear friend. We raised $1600 to help child victims of human trafficking at Children of the Night, a California-based non-profit organization, and I had so much help from so many people in helping me with this goal, from every single donor to a million A-list bloggers who donated gifts to participants. This particular post was a rewrite after a non-descript one I wrote which got virtually no response. Nate St. Pierre went out of his way to explain to me why the original copy wasn’t working, and I am so grateful. And I wrote a very long-winded post on successful online fundraising on Blog Action Day to help people learn from all the mistakes I made.
  • My Thoughts on Jonah Lehrer was a piece I wrote in the aftermath of his whole, uh, debacle. This was before the 575 other posts about him in the echo chamber blogosphere.

What was different this year:

In 2011, my top posts were about Paleo food, BJJ, free music, nice footwear and a little bit about SEO. This year’s posts didn’t fit as neatly into specific categories, though popular themes seemed to be the interplay between technology and media, reviews of things (be they BJJ gyms or Olylifting books or Paleo e-books or random curated books), as well as hand-writing over social justice juxtaposed against fitness themes. Or something like that.

Anyway! That concludes the top 12 of 2012. I’ll be posting some of my favorite articles on other sites (and in other magazines), and going over the survey results soon, so stay tuned.

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