Yael’s Variety Hour: Productivity, Tech, Media Funny Videos (& One That Made Me Cry)

Before I delve into the 21 links I carefully selected for you this week, a quick reminder. Please please please fill out my survey if you haven’t yet. This blog may shift a bit towards the writing craft, but your survey responses will directly affect the content you see on these pages in 2013.

Funny Videos

Tech (and  Media)

  • ONA Digital Tools for App GeeksI’ll be blogging about these great innovations I learned about at the ONA camp, but for now, here’s a shared Google doc I made during the event.
  • How to Create a Million Dollar Business This Weekend. I am taking a break from blogs this month, seeking to instead reflect on internal truths. That means I’ll be posting less Noah Kagan links than I’d like. (Sorry, ladies. Go to his blog instead.) However, I’m posting this piece based on the title (and his past work) even though I haven’t read it. Someone tell me if it’s good. 🙂


  • A Gift for You: The Productivity Checklist. This is a really slick (and free) video course from AppSumo which should help you save a lot of time and learn some new computer tricks. (Very Mac-centric, though. You are now forewarned. But I’d check it out either way.) On another note, I think I’ve turned into a total AppSumo fangirl, because I want to respond to all the people leaving bad reviews for amazing freebies by writing choice comments like “you’re a douchebag.” I’ve managed to refrain so far.

Shameless Self-Promotion


Tear Jerker of the Week

This middle school wrestling video made me cry. What a display of sportsmanship.

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