Yael’s Variety Hour: Science, Global Issues, New Media and Losing Keys

Every Wednesday, I open dozens of  browser windows and review my favorite links from the past week. Then I attempt to corral them into categories, and present them to you. Enjoy!

New Media

More Media

  • Spotlight: Put It In Writing by Cassie Armstrong. Pretty spot-on piece about the importance of contracts. (Yes, an e-mail from an editor with a deadline and word count and amount they pay counts as a contract.) Although I don’t agree with Cassie about getting a kill fee in every contract–which can often be a way for clients to try to get out of paying the full fee for work that was completed and killed for strange reasons (and not the fault of the writer), this piece is otherwise pretty spot on.
  • Don’t Tell,  But Show. This essay, originally published in Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones, is a very good reminder for writers.


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