Yael’s Variety Hour: Business, Manners, Politics and More

This week’s variety  hour, my assortment of links scavenged from the interwebs, includes a grammar tip, some savvy business lessons, snarky humor and news on my favorite foods (including chocolate and bacon). Enjoy!


Manners, Need For


  • I’m A Social Media Rockstar. Someone I met at a recent networking event told me to tell people I was a distiller of content rather than a writer, because I’d sound more interesting. I think this parody explains why I wouldn’t do that. (And I think I’m plenty interesting already, thanks.)
  • List of Shimerians Who Have Published A Book. I’ve never written a book of my own, but have been published in two anthologies. Apparently, there are many many book authors at my alma mater. Here’s hoping I’ll one day be among them.


  • Pain Relief Postures is the web version of a piece I wrote about Alexander Technique in the magazine Energy Times.
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