Yael’s Variety Hour: Trivia, Science, Good News, Ending Bullying and More

Welcome to the newest edition of the Variety Hour, a collection of eclectic posts gathered from all over the internet. Some of the links this week are especially heart-wrenching, and others are simply fascinating, so grab some tissues and a cup of tea, and get ready to open way too many browser windows. There’s something for everybody. Enjoy!

End Bullying

  • Town Turns Tables On School Prank. High school student Whitney Kropp was named to homecoming court as a joke–and now, local businesses have provided her free services and thousands are rallying in her support.
  • Reddit Users Attempt To Shame Sikh Woman, Get Righteously Schooled. This piece on Jezebel includes a beautiful response written by a Sikh woman after a photograph of her–facial hair and all–was posted on Reddit. Her religious belief is that the body is a gift from the Divine Being, and should remain unaltered–and she explains this in a very classy and non-defensive way.


  • The Grauer School. Okay, this isn’t really trivia, but it looks like such a neat school! I wonder if we’re related…



Good News
  • America’s 50 Best Cities . The bad news is that winter’s coming.  The good news is that St. Paul and Minneapolis both made the top 15 on this list. Also, I’m saving up for a SAD  lamp.


Human trafficking


Politics and Social Media


Health and Fitness





The Shameless Self-Promotion Section will be back next week, with links to 2 new magazine articles I wrote, as long as some SEO-related blog posts. In the meantime, I did link to some of my MMA writing above.
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