Yael’s Variety Hour: Science, Sexism, Writing, Guns & More

Sometimes I feel like the only posts I write are when I hand-select links for you in variety hour posts like this one. I’ll be the first to admit that when things get busy, regular blog updates are the first thing to go. I’d much rather direct you towards other people’s well-crafted posts than scrambling to put one together without giving it the time and attention it deserves.

However, there will be some new content soon to come. First of all, I still have two more books to review in my pile, one of which will be of particular interest to weightlifters, and the other to people who want a comprehensive overview of the Paleo diet. And speaking of reviews, I’m just wrapping up an Intro to Rings course offered by Gold Medal Bodies. I’ll be writing a full review of it, probably in about two weeks or so. And I’ve got all sorts of traveling and events and fun things going on, too, which I’m sure I’ll want to tell you all about. I’m also working on a secret project which I won’t get too detailed about yet, except to say that it should be really really interesting, and I even ran the idea by the amazing Nate St. Pierre, and he gave me some great ideas on how to make it even better. So stay tuned; I promise there’ll be good new stuff to read right around the bend.

And speaking of reading content, I’ve been working with Lisa Baldwin on some ways to make the newsletter more user-friendly, so I’ll be switching to a weekly format at some point. (But fear not! I’ll show you ways to keep getting notifications every time the blog is updated, if that’s what you want.)

Anyways, enough chatter. Here are my picks for the week.


Five Types of Problem Writer. Complete with tips on how to deal with them.

Five Types of Problem Editor. Just in case someone feels left out.

Inspiration Springs and Reassessment Grounds. I was blessed with some amazing students from my writing class at the Loft. This post is by one of them.

Social Media

Sick of your facebook friends? Replace their babies with bacon. A really great piece on what we did wrong with facebook.

Refugee from Facebook  Questions the Social Media Life. Why Mark Zuckerberg’s former ghostwriter deactivated her facebook account (for a while.)

Why Is Everyone on the Internet So Angry? Good question.

Twitter Analysis Can Be Used to Detect Psychopathy. Yikes.

What To Do When the Trolls Make You Want to Hang Up Your Blogging Boots. Funny video.

11 Tips to Find the Best LinkedIn Groups.

Why Are Americans So… Some more analysis on what we can learn from what people are Googling.


Strange But True: Science’s Most Improbable Research. Why Bedouins wear black, whether ethicists steal more books, whether a pound of feathers weighs less than a pound of lead, and why, exactly, promoting people at random is so effective.

5 Scientifically Surprising Facts About Booze. By Gizmodo.

7 Weird Facts About the Human Body. You can smell fear, yawning cools the brain, and women’s tears reduce sexual arousal in men.

Lies, Damned Lies and Medical Science. Why do doctors draw on misinformation in their practices?

Celebrating Female Science Bloggers. Because Ed Yong is awesome. But we knew that already…

Yakking about Yaks. How do they adjust to altitude?

Health and Wellness

Egg Yolk Consumption, Carotid Plaque & Bad Science. Yes, you can still eat eggs. Here’s why.

Overcome Your Scents Sense. I totally got mentioned on one of Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution podcasts recently in an answer to a question about Paleo-friendly air fresheners. Here’s an article about just that!

Should Lack of Exercise Be Considered a Medical Condition? One doctor thinks so…

Todd Aikin

The Original Aikin Video. In case someone happened to miss what sparked so much outrage.

Rep. Steve King’s Comments. Keep digging.

Best Tweets About Todd Aikin’s “Legitimate Rape” Comment.

Dear Mr. Akin: I Want You to Imagine… An open letter from Eve Ensler.

The Official Guide to Legitimate Rape. Brought to you by Jezebel.

I Misspoke. A parody from the Onion–here’s another one.

Rape Can Make You Pregnant. Period.

How To Apologize Like a Human Being, Not a Politician

More About, Uh, Sexism

Must Men Be Patronizing? Great post by Rebecca Solnit.

Dudes Be Crazy! (Dating Don’ts With Female Fighters.) Pro MMA fighter Sarah Moras runs us through the most common, uh, pickup lines.

Guns Save Lives

Alabama Woman Shoots Home Intruder to Protect Herself and Her Ax- and Knife-Wielding Daughters

Man Trying To Force His Way Into White City Home Shot Dead

Dairy Queen Clerk Shoots Samurai Sword-Wielding Robber Dead


100 Years Ago, French Artists Predicted the Future With Eerie Accuracy

News Flash! You’re Not Being Bravely Honest. You’re Just An A**Hole

Paul Ryan Likes Rage Against the Machine… But They Don’t Like Him Back. A scathing editorial for Rolling Stone by Rage’s Tom Morrello.

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