Yael’s Variety Hour: Resilience, Marketing, Extroverts, Debtors, Princesses, Feminists & More

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Welcome to the Wednesday link party! Boy, are we stocked with posts this week. We’ve got everything from tasteful nudes to feminist princesses and everything in between. Something for everyone! Enjoy.

The Coolest Things Ever


  • From Topic To Story is a great article by science writer Dan Ferber, which will be of interest to freelance writers.


  • Super Better. If you’re really struggling, this site will make things brighter.



  • Fight For Your Right To Go Paleo. Some more background on the lawsuit against the state of North Carolina, on behalf of Paleo blogger Steve Cooksey (who was told by the state that “his anti-diabetes blog runs afoul of North Carolina laws requiring a license to dispense anything the state considers dietary advice.”

Health and Fitness 

  • Call Of Booty.  An article by David Fleming on the importance of an athlete’s ass.

Requisite UFC Post

We will be back with more links next week!


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