E-Book Review: Thank You For Not Laughing by Chris Illuminati

First I must start with a standard disclaimer. Chris Illuminati is an editor at TownSquare Media, and that’s how I know the guy–I send him blog posts to edit and try to get him to talk to me. Since I’m a fan of Robert Anton Wilson (of Illuminatus Trilogy fame), I immediately googled Illuminati’s name and found his web site, which had all kinds of comedic writing that sent me into fits of riotous laughter (and only made me feel a little like a stalker.)

Illuminati’s e-book, Thank You For Not Laughing, is a comedic journal which will lighten up your mood without taking up too much of your time (unlike the Illuminatus Trilogy, which is encyclopedic in volume.) It’s got 40 pages of musings, which are sort of like a cross between going to stand-up comedy and listening to your really funny but very strange friend rambling about life and other random things. Topics include the types of people you see in coffee shops, stolen office supplies, energy drinks, seizures, karma, death and decaf “coffee”.  Each “chapter” is brief, witty and entertaining. It’s snarky, but  not overtly sarcastic, and is easy to relate to despite sometimes being mildly disturbing.

Thank You For Not Laughing is 40 pages and only $1.99, which is crazy cheap,  and you can read a small sample on Tumblr, if you’re so inclined. And you can read the book for free if you’ve got Amazon Prime. But if you had Amazon Prime, you probably wouldn’t be hard up for a couple of bucks.

Illuminati’s also got another funny Tumbler site called Message With A Bottle, which has personal messages to himself about what to not do when raising a child. Oh, and he has other books for sale, but I haven’t read them yet.

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