Yael’s Variety Hour: Sports, Music, Random Brilliance & The Gender Pay Gap

This week’s variety hour has an unprecedented 43 links, so I’m trying a new clustered format so y’all won’t go insane. We’ll be starting with random sports-related links. I think I’ve linked to just about everything Jonah Lehrer has ever written, though it may prove harder to keep up now that he’s a staff writer at the New Yorker. However, The New Neuroscience of Choking is an interesting piece about how caring too much can sometimes stop an athlete from shining in that shining moment. Baseball Prospectus has a fun little piece I came across a few weeks ago on swearing in the majors, titled Pebble Hunting: Baseball and the F Word. It comes complete with silent videos. Enjoy. Attitude Adjustment is an oldie but goodie by Greg Everett about maintaining professionalism amongst coaches and trainers. Finally, whether you’re a gymnast or dancer or not, this video will blow your mind, guaranteed.

The gender pay gap is something that’s been at the forefront of media, thanks in no small part to the amazing Rachel Maddow. View an infographic on the lifetime earning gap between genders (the gap decreases but is not eliminated when factors such as experience come into play), read about the vicious cycle of the gender pay gap among stockbrokers, whether companies pay women more if the male CEO has a daughter, and a great piece by Xeni Jardin written in response to the opening line in a New York Times piece, “men invented the internet.” Finally, here’s a piece by Poynter about how there’s more women writing op-eds, but most cluster around pink topics.

Some stuff for freelance writers. First, some reminders: do not write for content aggregators, and make sure you seek fair wages. Need to break into freelance writing with no clips and no experience? Linda Formicelli’s podcast has got you covered. This is one I wish all editors paid attention to, instead of telling bloggers to be more thick-skinned: If Your Website’s Full of Assholes, It’s Your Fault. And here’s a piece by the lovely Susan Johnston on how the freelancer payment protection act would impact newsrooms and freelancers. Last but not least, here’s a piece on the importance of copy editors in “Amercia.” (Note: this doesn’t mean you should start e-mailing grammatical corrections to your favorite bloggers. They will probably just want to punch you.)

Back when I started my first zine, in ’91 or ’92, I used to have a soundtrack list. This week, I listened to the following songs on repeat: I Know These Hills, plus some Ani DiFranco, namely Gratitude (for anyone who crashed on some nice person’s couch and then felt pressured to do things they didn’t want to) and Talk to Me Now. I also listened to MC Lyte’s All That; one of my favorite hip hop tunes from middle school which still rocks. Folk musician Doc Watson, one of my personal favorites, passed away last month. Check out the New Yorker tribute and the NPR story, if you’d like.

Some brilliance unleashed right here: iced coffee in canning jars, a piece on the humanity (or lack thereof) of the X-Men, the amazing Nelson Dellis teaching people how to upgrade their memory, and a reality show for competitive investigative journalism. I also really dig Quarterly Co. letting people pay $25 every 3 months to get gifts mailed to them by cool peeps, but how on Earth is anybody supposed to decide between, say, Joshua Foer and Swiss Miss? Here at Yael Writes, we stand strongly in support of gay and lesbian couples…. and so we’ll put J.C. Penney responding to homophobic boycot calls with a gay Father’s Day ad on the random brilliance list, along with Jason Alexander’s touching apology for his gay cricket jokes. And speaking of brilliance unleashed, here’s a piece on strangers buying a well-deserved dream home for an amputee hero. Moving.

Here’s some MMA coverageUFC on FX 3 Preview: Johnson vs. McCall is my first piece for GuySpeed. Check it out if you want to read my breakdown of the fights coming up on Friday night. Beating the Odds: The Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale is a column I piece for Sherdog about TUF fighters that won against the odds. Oh, and a brief piece for MMA HQ: Will The Ultimate Women Challenge Fight Results Ever Be Released? And here’s a public service announcement for fighters and grapplers: do not go for a takedown when you’re in a guillotine.

Paleo recipes I tried and liked this week: cilantro lime chicken, and gingered carrots with mahi mahi. I also found some Paleo cupcakes, if you’re in or near Roseville, MN. Now, if you spent hundreds of dollars on a burger, would you eat the bread? How much is the bun worth in a $295 burger, or it’s rich cousin, the $666 burger? (If I had cash to burn I would, of course, also purchase a $20 chocolate bar for dessert.)


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