Yael’s Variety Hour: Copyediting, Social Media, Depression & Smarts

This week’s Variety Hour is early, since I’ll be on a plane to New York City on Wednesday for the ASJA conference. I could’ve scheduled it to post later, but why make you wait?

In honor of ASJA 2012, the majority of these posts have something to do with wordsmithing. The rest are a bit science-y. Enjoy!

Oh, and while you’re checking out the best articles on the web… feel free to look at my newly updated writing portfolio! Special thanks to Maartje for helping me with the technical aspects of adding my latest, shiniest new clips.

Anyway, onwards.


Social Media

  • The Flight From Conversation. How technology has made us increasingly isolated, sacrificing face-to-face conversation for electronic connections.

For Better or Worse

  • Thinking of writing for HuffPo? Check out this comic first.

Science Corner

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