Book Review: Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

Former research biochemist and Paleo nutrition guru Robb Wolf has recently put out two e-books, a 30-day transformation course and the Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide. (I am a proud member of Robb Wolf’s affiliate program, but, as with all my other book reviews, only rave about products that I’ve read [or used] and love.) I can’t speak to the 30-day guide, since I didn’t buy it, but it sounds like most or all of the material is included in his book. I did, however, buy a copy of the Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide, and found it to be a useful research for both those just getting into the Paleo diet and those who have been struggling with ways to save some time and money while implementing the lifestyle change.

The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide is available for $19.99 via instant download. It is a 67-page PDF divided into 6 chapters.

Chapter 1, All the Excuses, discusses ways to save money on food (or save money on other things so you can spend more on food), and addresses other stumbling blocks that keep people from Paleo eating.

Chapter 2, Learn How to Cook, delves into the nitty gritty details through embedded links to video and audio by Paleo experts such as Cindy Sexton, Julie and Charles Mayfield (from Paleo Comfort Foods), and Michelle Tam (from Nom Nom Paleo). Links to videos covering basic knife skills and instructions on using a pressure cooker and a slow cooker are included, along with links to 10 key recipes, including roasted chicken, bone broth, chili, pot roast and more.

Chapter 3, Meal Planning 101, has suggestions on planning a weekly menu. You start with ingredients already in your pantry and add seasonal veggies and items from sales flyers. This chapter includes a sample weekly menu and a list of pantry items to stock, and about 7 pages of information on what to do with various ingredients. This is followed by a bare bones templates for ingredients, weekly menus and shopping lists.

Chapter 4 is Money Saving Tricks, which, I have to admit, seem pretty self-explanatory.

Chapter 5, Budget Shopping Priorities, starts with a little primer on deciphering “green” lingo such as grass-fed, free-range, organic and cage-free. It also helps you figure out some priorities. What if you can’t afford to buy all organic veggies? Which fats and oils do you buy? What are some good secondary options if you can’t afford grass-fed beef?

Last but not least, Chapter 6 has some ideas for saving time in the kitchen by cooking or prepping food in advance, or looking at quick and easy food options. There’s also some strategies to avoid wasting food, both by storing it properly and a few suggestions for meals that use leftover ingredients.

The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide ends with a few pages of resources, including close to 40 websites with Paleo recipes.

If you’ve been eating Paleo for a while, are a whiz in the kitchen, and already know how to spend a minimum amount of money for the types of meals you want, this e-book is not for you. But if you’re just getting started with Paleo eating, are struggling with effective meal planning, can’t figure out how to stay on a budget, or are having trouble finding the time to cook, the Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide might provide you with the solutions you’ve been looking for.

The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

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