Yael’s Variety Hour: Meta, Food for Thought, Editing & More

Between the Supreme Court shindig, which I’ve been listening to audio of non-stop, and the Pan Ams starting–which I’ll be glued to my computer for non-stop, life feels a little busy. Nonetheless, I keep finding the best links to share. This week’s column threatened to erupt, so I pared it down to just 21 posts. I will embed videos on a different day.

Food For Thought

  • “Imagine” That: Fostering Creativity in the Workplace. I was lucky enough to hear Jonah Lehrer speak on a recent book tour stop. I’ll be reviewing the book later, but for now, check out this interview he did on NPR.  As always, Lehrer shares scientific insights in a way that’s not only accessible, but compelling, and there’s always interesting surprises (and captivating case studies) thrown in the mix.

This is So Meta

Health and Fitness

  • And last but not least, I sang the praises of kimchee in my piece on Fermented Foods, published in Edible Twin Cities. Check it out if you’re local; it’s available free in co-ops around town.


  • Gone Too Soon is a beautiful tribute to Shawn Tompkins. May he rest in peace.



  • Must Try Harder is a piece about sloppy mistakes working their way into scientific papers, a disconcerting trend.
 Content Mills


  • Dragon. A cartoon about meetings.
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