These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things! (Part 1: Websites)

So I’m totally celebrating my birthday on March 25th. It’s been an amazing year. My rockstar boyfriend and I live in a real city now, I’ve been getting my grapple on at the best gym in the world, I have tons of amazing clients and projects I’m working on, and the weather’s been awesome as of late. Plus I’ve got some fun trips and things lined up, which is always exciting. Oh, and this whole birthday thing. I’m getting a bunch of friends together for dinner to celebrate… and my man promised to get me a surprise present, which may or may not be a spinny spice rack. (Don’t laugh! Those things totally fall over and it’s annoying.)

Anyway! When I turned 31, and was running a wilderness blog aptly named Dirt Time, I listed 31 of my favorite blogs of all time. When I turned 32, I made a list of 32 things I wish would just go away, followed by a list of things I enjoyed or was looking forward to. This Sunday, I turn 33, though I prefer telling people I’m turning 1/3, because it makes me feel less old. (It’s actually not accurate, though, because 1/3 would be 33 1/3, which means it’d be at some point in the end of July). Anyway, this year I decided I would again list favorite things, but will spread it out over 3 days, culminating on Saturday, since I’m hoping to spend all of Sunday partying. Well, not really. But I can pretend.

So today I’m going to start with my 11 favorite websites for the year. This will be followed tomorrow by my 11 favorite apps. And then on Saturday, I’m going to list my 11 favorite books of all time. I decided only to post sites that are free (as opposed to paid membership-based sites). The apps are not free, and the books are sort of free in that you will likely be able to find them at a local library. Hopefully you will find 1 or more cool new resources each day, which is my gift to you.Enjoy!

Oh yeah, favorite sites. These are listed in reverse alphabetical order… you know, because it’s my birthday and my name starts with a Y.

1.The Bloggess

I will reluctantly admit that I really don’t quite understand what this blog is all about, and I don’t read it every day. But when I do, it sends me into fits of riotous laughter. Because one time the Bloggess (aka Jenny) totally unleashed an army of creative hipsters after a PR guy called her a bitch. I want my own personal army! And she has a picture of Wil Wheaton collating, followed by the best explanation I could fathom. I’m not really sure if the PR people she writes to really want to send her pictures of people holding twine, but in some ways, it doesn’t even matter.

2 and 3. Catalyst Athletics and

I am totally cheating by including two blogs under one header, but, uh, it’s my birthday and I’ll cheat if I want to. Okay, it’s not even my birthday yet, but… if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. And anyway, in my mind these two blogs go hand in hand. Catalyst Athletics is your source for tons of info on Olylifting, a super helpful  message board with non-trolly people using their real full names, and it’s also home to the Performance Menu: Journal of Health and Athletic Excellence, which I promise I would totally be plugging, even if I wasn’t the Managing Editor of it. And Robb Wolf’s blog features the Paleo Solution Podcast (co-hosted by Catalyst Athletics’ Greg Everett), as well as helpful and interesting information on all things Paleo. And just like the proverbial yin/yang sign (which I have to mention, since Robb keeps insisting I’m a hippie), Catalyst Athletics has Paleo recipes galore and has exercise phys stuff. So there you go. Hand in hand.

4. Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte puts so much love and care into her posts that I feel any description I come up with will fall short. And in many ways, they do seem to defy description. I can’t think of anyone else that makes marketing seem spiritual, though. She is insightful and passionate, encouraging and fierce, and I always walk away from her posts enriched from having read them.

5. Escape From Cubicle Nation

I was lucky enough to get to meet Pam Slim in Arizona a couple years ago, and then saw her again at a conference in Portland, and she plain rocks. Her blog, like her book, offers nutsy-boltsy strategies for getting out of the rat race and creating your own small biz (if that’s what you want), plus she deals with all the particular issues that come up. A Martha Beck-certified coach, Pam is so great at addressing the inner issues that arise with wisdom and insight. Her blog is like a hot bowl of home-cooked soup, providing comfort and nourishment.  Pam also goes out of her way to mentor the next generation, so she really walks the talk.

6. Hyperbole and a Half

Hyperbole and a Half has all these really funny comics for when you want to laugh and not think too much. I mean, it’s not completely mindless, like Homestar Runner. But it doesn’t take a ton of brain power, either. Sometimes I get tired of using brain power. So then I go to Hyperbole and a Half and read about the new pain scale, eating cake, or even scary spiders (which, incidentally, reminds me of John Romaniello.) My favorite are the comics that talk about grammar and spelling and punctuation, though. Like this one about the alot. That was totally a sentence fragment. Leave me alone.

7. The Illuminated Mind

I was just about to say that Jonathan Mead screams of authenticity, but it’s not really like someone screaming. It’s more like glowing. Like when you’re around someone and just can’t help but feel positive and excited and happy, because there’s something about them that rubs off on you like fairy dust. This site always makes me smile, though I can’t quite put my finger on why. It just reminds me that the universe is expansive, and everything will fall into place.

8. Inspired Home Office

Dealing with clutter is this ongoing…thing for me, but Jen makes it feel do-able, and for that I am grateful. Her site is inspiring, warm, welcoming, helpful and beautiful… and makes me realize that I’m not the only creative entrepreneur battling piles of papers at every stop.

9. Mondo Beyondo

Mondo Beyondo helps me believe not only in my dreams, but in the process of identifying them and then letting them go. And I was totally hesitant to post this, because that page is mostly a sales page for their  products… but I decided it’d be okay if I also include links to Andrea Scher’s Superhero Journal and Jen Lemen’s blog, where the cool free content is.

10.The Oatmeal
I don’t eat oatmeal. I’m Paleo. But this site has all these great comics, quizzes and stories about everything from words that people should totally stop misspelling to people who stare at us in the gym. Oh yeah, and stuff about why working from home is both awesome and horrible. I’d say they were spying on me, but I had eggs for breakfast.

11. Stumptuous

Krista Scott-Dixon is awesome, especially when she rants. Pearls of wisdom fall from her month, accompanied by heavy doses of wit and snark. What’s not to love? This site has all kinds of health and fitness type schtuff, including workouts to try, and best of all, a relatively new piece about getting older. She must have written that just for me.

Anyway, come back tomorrow for more stuff!

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