Yael’s Variety Hour: Sex Punching, Special K, Letter from a Freed Slave, PR Woes


Media and PR 

  • Summoning A Villain is my profile on Mike Pierce for Sherdog. Pierce is fighting Josh Koscheck this Saturday at UFC 143.

  • The February issue of The Performance Menu: Journal of Health & Athletic Excellence  is now out! Matt Foreman shares his words of wisdom on competing under pressure and changing your mental outlook over time, new contributor Steve Barnell writes about adding strength training to your endurance routine, Ryan Kyle discusses Bulgarian weightlifting training, Ryan Atkins reviews Wheat Belly, and I explain the pros and cons of 23andMe DNA decoding. Plus Q+A with Greg and Aimee and Paleo recipes by Scotty. Yours for $7 or with a $30/yr monthly subscription.

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