2011 Survey Results

I promised I’d release the results of my 2nd annual reader survey, and give a bit of an overview of where the blog will be heading in 2012.

Survey responses were collected between November 13th and 22nd.

Topics of Interest

The most often selected blog topics survey respondents were interested in were health and fitness, along with the weekly “Variety Hour” and “Friday Musings” posts.

People also expressed strong interest in posts about Paleo food and nutrition, weightlifting and strength training, self-employment, humor, interviews with cool people, personal posts and posts about the writing process.

There was some interest in MMA, grappling/BJJ, recovery, psychology, politics/news, poetry and videos.

Several survey respondents specifically requested more personal posts.

People were interested in a variety of topics that were not covered, including motivation, kickboxing and variations on equipping a home gym (on a budget, in a limited space, after an injury, in a rental unit, etc.)
motivationI think you covered it. n/akickboxingStuff about equipping a home gym, maybe with variations like “On a budget” or “In limited space” or “After sustaining an injury” or “In a rental space,…
Lack of Interest
Some people said they were not interested in martial arts and men’s MMA, and still others were uninterested in all things fitness-related or Paleo-related.
Where This Is Going
Because survey respondents were only a small percentage of readers, I took these results into account along with other data, such as traffic volume and other indicators. My conclusions?  The vast majority of you guys are interested in most of the topics I cover (health, fitness, food, combat sports) and are especially pleased when there’s a personal angle to the posts. It is great to have authoritative information, but I think it’s really the human angle that many of you are looking for. So I will continue to include my own personal experiences in my posts.
It seems that other topics I write about are of interest to some but not all readers. I will continue to include posts about self-employment, writing, etc. but they will remain in the background.
I was pleased to learn that people enjoy the Variety Hour and Friday Musings posts, as I really love putting them together.
I am still working on determining a publishing schedule for 2012, and deciding whether to maintain the current schedule of five posts a week or lower the volume–so stay tuned.
A special thank you to all survey respondents!
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