Best of 2011: Top 5 Articles

Yesterday, I posted the top ten blog posts from 2011, according to my hosting statistics. Today, I’d like to link to some posts I have available elsewhere. This list is far from comprehensive. Much of my writing is available in print publications and not online. Some of it is ghostwritten, and much of it is very time-specific (such as interviews with fighters about events which already took place.) Nonetheless, here’s five posts that I’m pretty proud of which I think you may enjoy, if you missed them the first time around.

  • Body-weight Training for Beginners. Writing a piece for Experience Life has always been a dream of mine–and working with fitness goddess Krista Scott-Dixon and editor extraordinaire Jen Sinkler (a fitness goddess in her own right) was one of the highlights of my year. The piece was very well-received, and I was thrilled to get e-mails from people who found it helpful.
  • Interview With an Urban Farmer. Spezzatino, a beautiful online food magazine (and all-volunteer effort) which raises money for the Healthy Food Bank, posted an interview I did with Will Allen of Growing Power fame. This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
  • A Few Words With Henry Rollins. Getting to meet my childhood punk rock icon (tied with Ian Mackaye and maybe Kathleen Hannah) at a book signing was pretty darn cool, as was getting to interview him via e-mail… even if his publicist does hate me. I was hoping his responses would fit his typically verbose persona, but had no such luck…but that means it’s free on the Performance Menu website, rather than only available to magazine subscribers. So enjoy.
  • From the Ground Up: How to Defend Yourself at  Your Most Vulnerable. I am just a baby in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and you’ll have to trust me that there is no false modesty behind those words. But I was thrilled when Angela Jorgensen asked me to write a feature for Chikara exploring which aspects of BJJ are relevant for a self-defense situation, and which aren’t. You could write a tome on this, but I feel like I touched upon some basics.
  • Leaked! Ultimate Women Challenge Disaster: Filming Plagued by Lack of Food, Funds & Training. I always feel sick to my stomach when I hear about fighters being screwed over by shady promoters, and the stories coming from Ultimate Women Challenge participants were more egregious than anything I’ve covered before or since. I was pleased to at least be able to play a small part in exposing the show producers for their role in this fiasco–despite their threats and bullying. MMA HQ published hundreds of posts in 2011, and this one had both the most page views and most unique visitors in the entire year.

We’ll have our regularly scheduled Variety Hour tomorrow, and Friday Musings to finish the week. On Thursday, I’ll wrap up the survey responses for y’all and give a little outline for what to expect next year.

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