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  • My Gay Lifestyle “I live the gay lifestyle, the gay lifestyle that is often mentioned by some Republican candidates for president. For those who are unfamiliar with the lifestyle, this is a typical day.


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  • Beware of fancy formulas and slick shortcuts. Pam Slim strikes again.  And she knows us so well. Proof in this quote: “Instead of just writing your ebook, you get worried about the three tiers of affiliates you want to cultivate for it. Instead of getting your sales page ready for your January class, you spend 47 hours reading everything Sonia Simone has ever written about sales letters on Copyblogger. Instead of pitching a talk at your local Rotary Club to promote your personal training business, you attend a high-priced seminar on branding so you can choose the perfect tagline and color for your website. Instead of trying to secure a local sponsor for your first live event, you wonder how to get Richard Branson to Skype in from Necker Island.” This post is a good antidote.
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