Book Review: Make It Paleo

Make It Paleo is the newest Paleo cookbook that landed in my mailbox for review, and I’m so glad it did! This is an awesome cookbook: visually appealing, tasty yet simple recipes and amazing variety.

The recipes are divided into the following categories: breakfast, appetizers, entrees (further subdivided into meat, poultry and seafood dishes), salads, soups, sauces and dressings, side dishes, and a treats & cheats section (including cookies, cakes, pies, baked fruits, candies, cupcakes/muffins, ice cream, and frostings/toppings.)

One of my favorite parts of the book is the Paleo kitchen section, which has cool diagrams showing you which parts of the animal various cuts of meat come from, have a list of seasonal produce (divided by season), describe various oils and fats as well as nuts and seeds, and list herbs, spices and seasonings by which types of meat they work well with.

The recipes are incredibly aesthetically pleasing–not  just the beautiful color photos, but also the font and color selection and formatting. Below the recipe title and information, There’s a box with a list of ingredients, difficulty scale (indicated by whisk icons), prep time, cooking time and servings. The process is on the right of the box, and below it are informative notes (if necessary).

The recipes themselves are fairly simple, but there is a wide variety–so it’s good both for tried and true favorites as well as some variety that isn’t too complex or time-consuming. I like that there are some pretty unique recipes, such as sushi, or those that use fun ingredients, like red wine, balsamic vinegar, etc., but that they don’t take hours to prepare. Aside from the great entrees, it is the salads and appetizers that to me really shine. I always want to add more side dishes to my meals, and these recipes make it quick and easy–especially since many recipes are not that complicated, so it’s not hard to find all the ingredients laying around. I have not yet delved into the deserts, but there’s some bacon cookies, coconut macaroons, raspberry torte, almond fudge brownies and pistachio bark with my name on them. Yum.

Lastly, I was really excited about the menus for special occasions, featuring 4-6 recipes (and the pages they’re located on in the cookbook), in the back. Myboyfriend and I were considering cooking a Paleo meal for Thanksgiving–and rosemary roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, roasted brussel sprouts, pumpkin chiffon pie, carrot souffle and garlic and herbed mashed cauliflower hit the spot! Even the Valentine’s Day meal is perfect–strawberry salad, oyster’s Rockefeller, balsamic and rosemary chicken, raspberry torte and roasted baby carrots. And who wouldn’t want a Sunday brunch consisting of coconut-nested eggs, coconut flour waffles, frittata and prosciutto e melone? Other special occassion menus include a birthday dinner, Easter or Passover dinner, New Year’s celebration meal, “the Big Game,” a winter holiday meal, a summer cookout, Tex-mex night, Far East flavors and an Island Laua. And, of course, a conversion table and list of resources (books and websites) in the back.

At $34.95 for over 200 recipes, the book is a steal. Highly recommended.

To see photos we took of some recipes from the cookbook, check out yesterday’s post!

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