Paleo Meal of the Week: Coq au Vin

Ever since my Whole30 experiment, I’ve been taking loads of pictures of Paleo meals–and I thought it’d be fun to post some of these to share with you, as well as describing where I got them from.

Pictured here is coq au vin, or casserole of chicken in red wine, from the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook. I was really excited about putting brandy in my food and setting it on fire, but it didn’t catch for some reason. Maybe it’s because I used a regular pot instead of a Dutch oven? Who knows. I just hope to one day get to flambe for real.

This was definitely a time-consuming meal. I think it took over an hour total to prepare, and probably an additional hour or so to cook, but of course there is some overlap.  It is a great winter meal–the butter, bacon and chicken are hearty and the pinot noir, mushrooms and onions, combined with a touch of tomato paste and spices, give the chicken a great flavor. I had trouble getting the almond flour to really stick to the chicken, but the result was delicious!

Plus, cooking with wine and brandy makes me feel all fancy, even if it didn’t catch fire!

What’s your favorite, fanciest Paleo meal?

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