Yael’s Variety Hour: Inspiration… and Signs of the Pending Apocalypse

Welcome to the weekly variety hour. The past week for me has been a wild rollercoaster, and I’m hanging on for the ride! Here’s some articles and links I picked up along the way.

Signs of the Pending Apocalypse

  • New Report Says Girls Feel They Must Choose Between Femininity and Sciences. I personally think all academic subjects are gender-neutral… and I grow tired of people saying women can be smart and pretty. I’m not really sure why one is related to the other? When’s the last time you read a story about a smart, successful man which said he “balanced” his academic pursuit by being good-looking? Anyway, I digress. I was just gonna say this article made me feel sad.
  • The Worst Boss In America Is… I had a client from hell last week who took five hours to give me an outline he should’ve been able to hammer out in five minutes. This was partially because he had to stop every ten seconds to fetch his IT staff to fix a bug for him. It would have been hilarious if it wasn’t so depressing. Anyway, even with his whole slew of disturbing mannerisms and quirks, which I won’t get into because it would take far too much space, he still couldn’t compare to the people mentioned on this list. If you think your boss is bad…
  • How To Get Body Dysmorphia: Attend the Crossfit Games. I’m going to a Crossfit class next week, and am pretty deconditioned since I basically gave up S+C for pure jiu jitsu and mobility/recovery. I’m sure I’ll get my ass handed to me. But nothing could make anyone feel more inadequate than this photo essay of the Crossfit Games, complete with all sorts of eye candy (both male and female). Enjoy.
  • I Blame My Fiancee for This Engagement Photo. “Elaborately staged pictures are yet another ridiculous, overblown wedding trend,” says Joe Donatelli. “And yes,” he adds, “ours are awesome.” Sometimes you’ve just gotta go with the flow…
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Have a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you next week!
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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed reading every topic that you have posted here. Especially the topic about the man accused of breaking bird feeding law. I never knew that there’s a law in bird feeding.

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