Yael’s Variety Hour: Applied Science, Insecurity

Welcome to my weekly variety hour, where I briefly describe my favorite posts from the past week, and list any recent articles or projects I’m working on.


  • Success Dysmorphia Viewing success through someone else’s mirror leaves you feeling grossly inadequate–how do we find new ways to define and celebrate our success?

Applied Science

  • The Scale Of The Universe is an awesome sciencey site that allows you to “zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime and learn the scale of things along the way!” Enlightening and fun.

Shameless Self Promotion

  • For Shimer alums, Mike Anderson is writing up  travel logs. He briefly mentions meeting up with me in Milwaukee.
  • The new issue of the Performance Menu is out. It includes a piece I wrote on the top ten strategies for dealing with injuries. There’s also an article on pain management, a piece on the power phase of weightlifting and and a wonderful piece on the lessons of physical culture history, written by Chip Conrad of Body Tribe. The entire issue is yours for five bucks.






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