Yael’s Variety Hour: Wheelin’ Deals, Overtraining, Bacon & More

This week’s Variety Hour features links on overtraining, making deals, getting annoyed and whether or not that waitress was actually hitting on you. There’s also a recipe and links to two pieces of mine: an article on adapting BJJ for self-defense and a blog post on this really awesome BJJ gym I visited in Milwaukee. Check it out.

Links o’ the Week:
  • Sweet potato, Bacon and Egg Salad. My boyfriend made this, and I ate so much that I had to make more. Definitely the recipe of the week. Doubling it is a good idea.

Shameless Self Promotion

  • For those of you who live in the Twin Cities, BodyTribe will be doing a Brutal Recess clinic on the 31st from 1-3:30 at the Athlete Lab on 3225 Country Drive in Little Canada. $40 fee. Be there!
  • Stay tuned to this site for some really great information on search engine optimization (SEO). We’ll first discuss SEO for brick and mortar businesses (those with physical locations) and then expand into SEO for online businesses. I’ll be offering a big discount on SEO consults as well. Make sure to keep checking back.
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