DVD Review – The White Belt Bible: Jiu Jitsu in Theory and Practice

The White Belt Bible: Jiu Jitsu in Theory and Practice is the newest DVD coming out of the Roy Dean Academy. The focus of this latest creation is to provide a solid foundation for white belts just beginning their training. As always, Dean provides clear instruction, breaking down techniques into digestible steps while maintaining flow of movement.

The first disc includes an introduction to techniques from Kodokan Judo and Aikikai Aikido as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Dean demonstrates and explains various throws, wristlocks, positions and submissions with depth and clarity. Also included in the first disc is a beautiful and detailed montage describing armlocks through the eyes of a white belt to a black belt, showing how one’s perspective changes with time and training.

The second disc features demonstration tests from blue belt to black belt, including Dean’s 2nd degree black belt test conducted by Roy Harris. Also included are some tips from 6-time world jiu jitsu champion Saulo Ribeiro. The disc concludes with footage from a visit Dean took to an affiliate school in England, followed by some trailers for other DVDs.

This is not your average BJJ 101 DVD. The White Belt Bible is a lot artsier, with gorgeous visuals and nice music. It has a soft feel to it, though the techniques demonstrated are obviously effective. The underlying theme seems to be more about self-exploration; there is a subtle but ever-present emphasis on heart and character. A far cry from some of the tough guy BJJ DVDs out there, the White Belt Bible is a breath of fresh air. It beautifully showcases the intricacy, depth and technique inherent in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

It is available from the Roy Dean Academy.

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  1. Am a big fan of Roy Dean’s DVD’s and just picked up his purple belt and no-gi one a few weeks back. They’ve definately been the best supporting material to my class — no fluff, key components to getting ahead at BJJ.

    Looking forward to getting this because I bet anyone at any level will hear and see something new… plus Saulo is always worth listening to!

  2. Good deal! Saulo’s book is one of my favorites. Yeah, Roy Dean’s DVDs have such a nice feel to them and the information is so spot-on.

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