7 Alternatives to Pandora

I was working on several writing assignments today, all on tight deadlines, and of course I listen to my favorite tunes on Pandora to pass the time away. If you haven’t used Pandora, it is pretty sweet. You plug in a song or musical artist you like, and it spits out similar songs. You can even create different channels, if you’re like me and have varied musical tastes depending on the mood. Pandora uses some top secret algorithm, trying to figure out your taste in tunes based on musical attributes such as key tonality, rhythm syncopation, vocal harmonies and instrumental proficiency.

Unfortunately, even Pandora’s free subscription runs out after 40 hours a month. Mine ran out today, and I didn’t want to pay the $.99 for three days of advertisement-supported music. Luckily, my facebook and twitter friends came up with a ton of suggestions. Here are a few of them, courtesy of Micheal, Shushu, Marshal, Jim, Angel, Angela and Fabeku.

  • Stereomood is so awesome! Type in your mood or activity and it’ll jump right to an appropriate playlist.
  • Slacker lets users create and share customized music stations. You can select from Slacker’s stations or just type in a song or title, just like in Pandora.
  • Grooveshark was another suggestion. The cool thing about this one is that it is international. It has a recommendation system, called Grooveshark Radio, which finds similar songs to your playlist and then plays them for you. And like Pandora, which allows you to give thumbs up or down as feedback, Grooveshark lets you add a happy face or sad face. You can also save songs on your playlist for future retrieval, and easily follow other users and share songs with them. Songs can also very easily be posted on facebook.
  • Last.fm is similar to these other services, in that it builds a profile of your musical taste by recording details of songs you listen to. The recommender system also has a cool name–the Audioscrobbler.
  • Live365.com is similar to World Net–it has a wide variety of channels to pick and choose from.
  • Musicovery is a really cute site that lets you pick out your mood or type in a musician or band you like to find similar sites.

So those are some options for when your Pandora subscription runs out! If you have any others, leave ’em in the comments.

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  1. JANGO

  2. Thank you so much for this list! As an American living abroad it has been so hard to go without Pandora. This totally made my day.


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