Yael’s Variety Hour: Diversity, Drinking and Nettle Eating

photo © Adrian van Leen

Welcome to the variety hour, where I round up my favorite posts from the past week each Wednesday. I feel like I should be linking to coverage about Japan, but I just don’t even know where to start! Here’s some other links.

Food For Thought

  • Report on Women, 50 Years Later is Daily Worth’s summary of a government report on women’s progress entitled “Women In America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being.”
  • Drinking Off the Job I remember when I left a glorified receptionist job after four years. My boss, who had thrown a goodbye party for another glorified receptionist who moved away, did not do the same for me. Two coworkers took me out for drinks, but nobody else showed up. But would a going away party have made it harder to let go? This New York Times opinion piece provides food for thought.
  • Skate. Words of wisdom from Wayne Gretzky, illustrated.

Paleo Propaganda

  • Clues to Gluten SensitivityThe Wall Street Journal sheds light on how gluten sensitivity is a problem even for those not suffering from celiac disease.


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