Yael’s Variety Hour: Tools, Business & Media Woes

Yay! It’s Variety Hour day! I get to share the assortment of funny, interesting, amusing or otherwise fascinating articles and posts I’ve found on the web for the past 7 days.

You Don’t Say?

  • Be Careful What You Pay For briefly delves into new research indicating that the more time you spend analyzing the features of a product, the less satisfied you’ll be. This research has been covered in books by Jonah Lehrer (or was it Malcolm Gladwell? Dan Ariely?) but is always a worthy reminder if you are already familiar with it.

Media Woes

  • The Content Farm provides “informative articles about every topic, written by people with a passing knowledge.” Parody rocks. ‘Nuff said.

Ethical Marketing (Really!)

You Swine

  • What Not To Say About Lara Logan. “As news of Logan’s assault in Egypt broke, the victim-blaming machine kicked in,” Mary Elizabeth Williams points out on Salon.com.
  • Revisiting After Pat’s Birthday I recently watched the documentary The Tillman Story, about Pat Tillman’s death by fratricide and the smokescreen of propaganda and lies that followed, due to government corruption and cover-ups. I found this article by his brother poignant as ever.
  • Wrestling With Conviction is not about rape or fratricide, so it almost seems silly to include it in this category. It is, however, a great editorial on the decision of Joel Northrup to forfeit a wrestling match rather than face Cassy Herkelman…due to religious reasons. “He was the fifth-ranked wrestler in the state at 112 pounds. He was 35-4. He had a chance to win the whole thing. In Iowa, that means a lifetime of people buying you lunch. It’s corn-state royalty. To give all that up to protect a girl who loathes being protected? What a waste of a dream,” Rick Reilly wrote.

That’s all for this week! Feel free to add your favorite links from this week or share your thoughts on mine in the comments.

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  1. Hey: Thanks for the shout out, and for linking to Rick Reilly’s ESPN.com piece, which I hadn’t seen before. There’s a reason why Reilly’s gotten where he is, he’s one heckuva writer.

  2. No problem; your piece was very link-worthy! Glad you enjoyed the article. He was spot on.

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