Yael’s Variety Hour: Winter Depression Edition

Welcome to the weekly Variety Hour, where I pull up random funny, interesting, amusing or thought-provoking posts found on the interwebz. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a pretty awful week so far. Since last Variety Hour, I had an article butchered in the editing room, dealt with many mean and unappreciative people, had (guys, cover your ears) evil cramps from hell (okay, it’s clear now) and the beginning of a killer cold, and spent many hours reading a book with no real ending (what’s the point, then?!) for a book club meeting that ended up getting canceled at the last minute. And worst of all, I lost my very favorite pink glove/mitten hybrids. They were so soft and warm (wool) and fuzzy, and I had no idea just how attached I was to them until I lost them and threw a fit. I always know things are bad when I pull out the Sylvia Plath quotes and the Juliana Hatfield music. One can only hope the coming week will be better for me–and that you, my dear readers, are faring much better than I. Here’s some links to help guide the process.

  • I saw these profanity earrings listed in a magazine, and just had to share. Though it’s so much more fun to swear. Luckily we do not have to choose.
  • Hyperbole and a Half has a cute comic on the days when we used to be able to yell “Please stop!” and everything would be ours. I wanted to yell that at the last week, but it wouldn’t listen to me anyway.
  • My friend Sean tells me that even though some people should read the book Radical Honesty, I myself need to stick with the sequel, Tone It Down a Notch. However, this article on the authenticity of bad manners made me feel better about my candor. Read it if you’re like me and tell people the truth when they ask you questions.
  • Ever wonder what your state is worst at? The United States of Shame map is for you. Some are obvious, some are surprising and some are downright funny. (Apparently, I moved from a state with the worst alcoholism to one with the most binge drinking. Luckily, chocolate is my drug of choice.)

Shameless self-promotion

  • The end of the month is slow for me, since the February publications I’ve written for aren’t out yet, so I’ll have more shameless self-promotion next time. The only thing I’ve got right now is that Daily Writing Tips launched a freelance writing e-course, and an interview with me was included in one of the bonus gifts. Check it out if you are so inclined. (Not an affiliate link.) Although the course is closed, you can sign up for the list–it reopens in May.

Your turn

How was this week for you? If it sucked, what did you do to make yourself feel better? Any links you care to share?

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